Wednesday, January 7, 2009

one week in...

okay, so i've never blogged before. i write, but aside from myspace surveys (that are the only thing i miss now that i'm no longer on myspace) i haven't had a productive channel for my love of talking about whatever the hell i want to talk about.
i have this supercool friend, meg, who blogs and does all things computery that i am intimidated by. she inspired me to start my own little corner of the world, so to speak, so that i may have my own proverbial soapbox and won't have to see my dear friends' eyes glaze over as i ramble, yet again, about random things.
that being said, here's what's on my mind at the moment...lately, dear internetty people, i have been overwhelmed with chaos and clutter, amongst other psychologically delightful things. i am in the process of trying to figure out a new living situation, save money (because i would like to find a new job and relocate to a new city), figure out what career i'd like to go into next(while i'm at it), streamline my wardrobe, get rid of clutter and otherwise be an all-around more peaceful person. i may or may not be known to put a tiny bit of pressure on myself.
so, the point of this blog today is to:
1. say "hello, from my own little pangaea!"
2. ramble a little, it's good for the skin.
3. send people to meg's blog: because she's groovy.
4. get over my initial perfectionism-to-the-point-of-defeat mentality and just write something and post it online. so there ya go.
here's to the first week of '09 and the absolute delight i find in the concept of "possiblity"!
xoxo lu