Thursday, May 26, 2011

a list about moving and stuff

1. you find yourself clinging to the oddest of things. i keep trying to pack shelves to take with us to the new place. in case you were wondering if i've lost my mind, we are moving, but putting 90% of what we own in storage. we get 5% each to take with us. i keep wanting to take shelves of all things (and blankets). i have a couple of little shelves that i use to hold keys or my glasses next to the bed etc. they give me an odd sense of comfort, i guess. to always have a place for my keys and glasses? as for the blankets. i know not. it just seems practical to always have a blanket, i guess. i do sound kind of insane, never mind.

2. it is oddly exhilarating to only have the absolute basics to work with on a daily basis. as in plates, silverware, glasses, etc. i've been striving for a vacation home feeling (a la Scaling Down) for several years but my strange compulsion for eccentric items that border on practical prevented such a reality. except for now, i guess.

3. nothing has brought me more comfort these days more than my container garden. that, and the mr. of course. he's pretty amazing at the comforting thing. lucked out there. but, trying to figure out how to transport 10 pots of varying sizes on a rather long road trip and keeping them alive. i was considering rigging interior vehicular window boxes, but dangit my little plants are doing so great, i fear they are getting too big. it's not a bad problem to have, i just need to do some brainstorming.

4. when asked what movies he would like to take with him with our 90% storage plan, the mr. simply said: none. i, on the other hand, took Practical Magic, the entire 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls, both seasons of Flight of the Conchords, and wavered on taking The Blues Brothers as well, seeing as it's one of my all-time favourite movies, but it's on Netflix Instant (i think) so i stored it. what does that say about me, i wonder? two of the four are comforting, female-bonding movies based around a really awesome cozy house. the other two are male-centric music-based comedies. strange, no?

5. the mr. and i have been a tad sentimental about leaving our very first official home together. we named it the nest and have enjoyed our first 10 months of living together here. here, in our haunted little duplex, with our slightly silly bachelor neighbour who kept us up a few nights playing rock band and creating an indoor mini-golf course in his living room. the little patch of moss and shady trees behind our house that i spent many a morning with the buddy and moonlit night enjoying the atmosphere. the gargantuan squirrels who've grown fat on our trashy neighbour's mcdonald's litter. they are so big when they run on the roof, they sound like a goblin or a small child running freakishly fast. our neighbourhood busybody (we call her mrs. kravitz) who will suck you into terrifying never-ending conversations about the nere-do-well tenants of the neighbourhood (whether they haven't lived there in 9 or 10 years doesn't really concern her). i will miss having a window in the bathroom and my epic baths with a water-warped book and early morning light. hmmm. our little home. i'm excited for the new chapter in our lives (hopefully new jobs), but i will miss this little place. indeed.

more to come, friends.


Susanne said...

Lu , I hope you two have a wonderfilled and awesome trip this summer . Love you both .

Jennifer said...

I'll miss you too!!