Sunday, October 31, 2010

boring married stuff and halloween

happy halloween friends! i'm finally getting over this terrible cold that has put mississippi and i both down all week long. it's one of my favourite holidays and you know what's on the list for all hallow's eve? cleaning the house. scary stuff right? it's a complete and total disaster in here. i emptied out my storage unit and closed it on friday (thanks to the help of one very generous friend). therefore collections from my life's journey are strewn about e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. wowsy wowsa.
mississippi and i did makeshift costumes to go to the grocery store and to say hello to our friend who happened to be across the street at a halloween party at the legion hall at lake ella. he went as a birdwatcher and i went as an alien trying to pass as human. then we went home, took cough medicine (i downed three mini almond joys as well) and we passed out playing a name game. what's this name game that boring married couples play as they fall asleep on one of the biggest party holidays of the year? it goes something like this:
L: jane lynch
M: david lynch
L: david schwimmer
M: michael schimmer
L: michael moore
M: roger moore
...and it goes on and on and on until one of us admits defeat or falls asleep. which ever happens first. except mississippi always includes a member of the winslow family from the show Family Matters. aaaand scene.
more to come. happiest halloween friends!
adieu for now,

Friday, October 29, 2010

fred astaire

just a little fun for friday

witty cuteness

because i've been watching the entire thin man series. love me some nick & nora!

just a lil note

gooooooood morning, friends! 'tis friday and i am delaying the inevitable rush of my busy day. i'm cleaning out a storage unit, meeting with a friend, then meeting with the mama for wedding-y stuff. what i really want to do? rearrange the entire house and change the energy therein. it has a stifled vibe about it lately and i want to change that pronto. but what to do?
alas, i still have that gypsy blood boiling and i am missing my bestie in nyc terribly today. i just want to sit in a cafe outside with her and laugh and play the "yours" game and be silly ladyfriends with her. i know i saw her four months ago but it just isn't the same when you can't get a visit right when you need and/or want it. the same goes for my friend in birmingham. the three of us need a girly adventure soon. le sigh. i'm going to try to get some stuff done. more to come lovelies!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

little ole place where...

had to add one more, and those of you who know me know that this is one of my favourite songs ever. it makes me want to take a long drive (as if i didn't feel like doing that already).

for funsies

i got my own private east coast...

later lovies!

9 places

i just opened a pandora's box of daydreaming by talking about takin' off and doing some traveling. here's the list of where my head is at:

1. st. augustine, to go to the spice trader in the historic district and sleep at the pirate haus hostel. requisite playing of bluegrass.
2. savannah, ga to walk around the spooky old houses before halloween and eat some delicious food. requisite playing of tom waits, and roy orbison.
3. athens, ga to listen to some good music and pretend i'm in the B52's. requisite playing of their entire catalog.
4. up to memphis, tn to (again) eat some delicious food and listen to some good music. throw in the requisite playing of "walking in memphis", elvis, and A LOT of gospel.
5. over to nashville, to visit all of my old haunts and some awesome vintage stores. i get a little sentimental for my childhood there now and then. requisite playing of all of my favourite old country music. you heard me tammy, loretta, jonny, hank, and patsy!
6. scoot on over to gatlinberg, tn to ride one of those horrifying air trolly cars and get a sepia-toned tourist photo taken of us dressed as mobsters or saloon folk. requisite playing of dolly parton.
7. detour over to charleston, sc to eat at s.n.o.b. (delicious!), visit the aquarium, take a gullah tour, a ghost tour, and stay at the not so hostel. requisite playing of serge gainsbourg, bon iver, and nina simone.
8. up up to north carolina to asheville. fall foliage, good food, quirky people, music, and dreaming of living near there one day. requisite lucinda williams, grant lee phillips, and ray lamontagne.
9. over to the coast of north carolina. windy beaches, and seafood (and more daydreaming). requisite playing of the tallest man on earth and lay low.
doesn't it all sound so fun?
stay tuned for more as i dream my way up the east coast.
adieu for now, my darlings.

a little groovy campy ditty

because as soon as i finished that last post, this song popped into my head and wouldn't leave.

sniffles and gypsies

ugh. i've been sick for the past week. i'm so tired of coughing. wowza. i've gotten nothing productive done this week except for adding three new items to the etsy shop. i've created nothing, i've hardly cleaned anything, and i feel like a big ole lump. but, you know what? it's okay! the bills are paid, and the groceries are purchased. jane honda is running like a dream, mississippi still loves his job. i can't really ask for much else (than good health). one of my favourite holidays is right around the corner. i'm a little bummed i'm so under the weather that i haven't made a costume. oh well. i'll do something fun.
lately i've been in a rather biforcated mood. half of me wants to nest nest nest. recover furniture, build shelves, register for china etc. the other half of me wants to sell everything and put it toward a big several month long gypsy tour of the east coast so that mississippi and i can figure out where to move next. oh that gypsy blood of mine! it starts to tingle in my feet and it gets me all kinds of riled up about hitting the road. does anyone else have this (other than my family)? oh such a conflicted little gal am i.
more to come friends!
adieu for now,

Friday, October 22, 2010


because i love this movie so, and want to watch it so badly today!'s a jump to the left...


good morning friends! i hope you are having a lovely friday. i'm fighting off a cold and still trying to get organized. however, i'm optimistic and am having a nice morning regardless.
mississippi and i are taking a little trip to well, mississippi this weekend. at this very moment i would like to push the pause button, take a four hour nap, hit play again and re-start my day. i've been having whackadoodle dreams lately. a lot of action but no substance. a lot of running around and bizarro awkwardness. last night i dreamed we were in los angeles at some hard rock hotel/hair salon. what i was doing there i know not. the point of the dream? i know not. underlying messages or hidden meanings? seriously, i have no idea. lots of static in this ole noggin these days. a lot of styrofoam peanuts too, i think.
anywho, that's my little catch-up for the day. i better get running on my to-do list!
adieu for now, kiddos!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

las chaquetas

i still need a winter coat. i'm still sighing over all of the ones i want on etsy. por ejemplo:

the olivia coat $207.90

pleated wool wright coat $150

a gal can dream, right?
adieu for now!

mishymashy is better than wishywashy

good morning, friends. 'tis tuesday and i'm feeling ever so slightly more with-it than i did yesterday. i received some helpful words from a long-distance friend last night and that has forced me to be a smidgen more honest with myself. i've been putting off a lot because i'm terribly overwhelmed. which, as everyone knows, makes you feel more overwhelmed. snowballs yadda yadda.
so today i'm chipping away at it and trying to figure out which of the seemingly epic things that seem to be haunting me, i can tackle and eliminate first. i've got a lot to do with the etsy shop. an overhaul of the appearance is on the list. i have a big task that i'm working on and it's emotionally exhausting and i am wondering if it will even last beyond this week. i doubt it. but whatevs.
i'm still looking for a job. my laptop died and has all of my thoughtfully created resume stuff on it. i have to pay to have it wiped clean, get a new word processor, and create a new resume. that's not overwhelming at all! it seems all of the things i need to tackle have some sort of petty obstacle in the way. the kind of bully that stops you in the hallway and won't let you pass. it just steps in every direction you do, trying to get you riled up when really it just annoys the crap out of you. here's a clip from family guy of stewie on steroids bullying brian as an example of what i'm trying to convey.

okay, so that "ohp. ohp. ohp." bit is what i'm talking about. ugh.
despite all of the annoyance, i'm still somewhat motivated. i love my bizarro "zigs when you think it'll zag" mentality sometimes. keeps me on my toes. so i still have a lot of brainstorming and things to work on, so i reckon i'll go for now.
much love and peaceful energies to you, friends!


i know it's long, but it's completely worth watching until the end. i love this song and this particular video for it. very moving.

more to come, friends!

Monday, October 18, 2010

ramble ramble quite contramble

good morning friends! 'tis monday and my previous plans were cancelled. part of me is relieved that i get a day to get organized (which i haven't been for about 10 days now) and part of me is let down because i am quite frightened by my current unemployment.
regardless, here i am. it's a gorgeous autumn day. i just finished walking three miles around lake ella with a friend (which makes the hour go by so much faster!), and i'm about to sit down with my epic to-do list and do some brainstorming.
i have a new paper mache project on my mind right now and i think i'm going to have to do what i despise most (research) and figure out how to make it successfully. my mind has been a little distracted lately. all i have been wanting to do is watch family guy reruns and hang out at the bookstore. not productive. nope.
lately i have been dreaming (nighttime dreams not daydreams) about new york as well, and my bestie that lives up there. in both dreams i am trying to help her with something or we are trying to meet up or getting very short visits in. it's always very crowded, and slightly confusing. i'm not sure what that's about but let me say just one thing. i am ready to pack up and move. not to new york per se at the moment. but somewhere. perhaps somewhere near her where i can still see trees and feel calm. i am craving calm and simplicity. do you know how hard it is to register for a wedding when you are trying to get rid of things? so we registered for like 3 things that we don't need but would be nice to have (instead of the crappy versions we already have) and like 5 things that we don't expect to get, but would be fun to have (jack lelaine juicer anyone?). i really don't give a hoot. the only things i really want are a few pieces of le creuset cookware, perhaps some new towels, and financial donations made to the newly married poor couple. the dishes and the silverware can be acquired when we eventually have money. *le sigh* it just doesn't seem to work that way though, it seems.
it's really hard to explain that to a large family of collectors. we all could have been museum curators for the collections we have. saying "i want to simplify" is like speaking sanskrit. but oh well! i guess i should just have fun with it. shut down the practical side of me and enjoy being showered with gifts. why didn't i get the "enjoys being showered with gifts" gene? what the heck is wrong with me?!
ha! that's an open-ended question, eh?
well, i'm going to stop rambling for now kiddos. i've got some organizing to do.
adieu for now!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

pumpkin sunday

1. this has been what has been lovingly referred to as "pumpkin weekend". mississippi and i picked out two heirloom pumpkins (chappy and lillian von gourdstrom), went to the pumpkin festival in havana, drank autumn beer (Hex) at our favourite bar, and went to the bradfordville blues club for funsies and dancing. it has been a really fantastic weekend.
2. we registered our "wedding" thing at target today. i felt guilty asking for anything i wanted that wasn't practical. what is that?? we also happened to have gotten attacked by a rather vicious lady at target whilst trying to create said registry. some people have very sad, very proud spirits and delight in degrading others to make themselves feel better.
3. i'm not looking forward to a task i have to do this week. that's alls i can say about that.
4. i'm about to go take a brisk autumn walk with my man. later friends!
5. it's bugging me that i didn't include a #5.

adieu for now, friends!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

you know i love you if...

i'm the most awkward person on the planet but my friends wanted a wedding picture so here goes. please just let me email them from now on. love you guys!
adieu for now,

p.s. doesn't my mom's yard look awesome?!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


heavens i'm behind on things!! we had a crazy weekend full of festivities and family. you may be wondering what the hubbub was... well, mississippi and i got hitched. it was rad, my mom put on a beautiful celebration and we all had a wonderful time. thank you mama and b and everyone who helped put it on! i'm very fortunate to have found the man i want to spend the rest of my life with. especially because i always suspected i would end up alone with a bevy of dogs and a lot of back issues of magazines stacked up to the ceiling. well, i'm here to say i'm blessed and have found the best friend and husband a gal could ask for. the sappiness hath now concluded and i return you to our regularly scheduled list.

1. as soon as all the commotion was over, i immediately got a cold, threw my back out, and lost my cell phone. mississippi has also had the weirdest couple of days since the big day. weird.
2. our big pumpkin saturday is still planned and we are really looking forward to all the fun and foliage. yay road trip!
3. 'tis the season, so i'm brewing up a batch of my unbelievably delicious corn & sausage (and p'tater) cheddar chowder. i'm going to be experimenting with a decadent spin-off of my classic (of which the origins of the recipe comes from a southern standard cookbook called Thymes Remembered. i have altered it drastically through the years). the spin-off, i think will include shrimp and sausage or perhaps scallops or crab. can't decide. hmmm... stay tuned on that one. alls i can say right now is that my house smells like the most delicious cookin' right now.
4. mississippi wants to register for a motorcycle for our wedding present, and i want to register for a micro-pig. can you tell we have never and will never do anything in a traditional manner? it's awesome.
5. i've got a messy house, a stinky pup, and a disorganized pile of a schedule to attend to. off i go!!

adieu for now kiddies! more to come soon!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

slicey dicey battleaxen chainsaw bazookey

because of the aforementioned pumpkin obsession, and because both mississippi and i are of slight swedish descent. enjoy!

R is for random

good morning friends! 'tis thursday and i'm getting ready for guests coming into town this weekend. lots of things happening. stress etc. but it's all good. i have only a minute or two to update before i start cleaning the house (again). here's the list!

1. i'm mad about pumpkins. i always have been but this year the psychosis hath reached a new peak. we have four at the house right now and every time we find two that we like we add them to the clan. stripes, plain orange, solid white... whatever shall we add next?
2. do you ever wake up with a bizarro craving? today i'm craving muffins. warm, homemade muffins. apple cinnamon, cranberry, blueberry. good grief i don't know where these things come from but i could eat my weight in muffins right now.
3. lately i've been a little down. i've been really trying to remain positive. i'm proud of how hard i work to be a good woman, good friend, good daughter, and a good lady to my man. i'm hard on myself if one of those roles isn't up to snuff. but i really try every day to find the balance between staying true to myself and providing what other people need from me. i have to acknowledge that i won't always be able to please people, but i owe it to myself and everyone around me to be happy.
4. we gave the little buddy a haircut this weekend. he looks neglected. poor raggamuffin. see?! muffins again! what is going on with me today?! needless to say the poor kid could audition for oliver and score the leading role.
5. as many of you know, i'm a budget freak. i'm really good at keeping one and have been doing so since i got my first job. but this week i figured out where the biggest leak in my budget is. the giant gaping sinkhole that i somehow managed to avoid noticing until a few days ago. eating out. i love food! i like being taken care of and big frosty mugs of beer with my handmade whatever it is i'm eating. and here's the catch: i'm a good cook. pretty darn decent actually. i can eat better at home for half the price, but it's the social thing. the treat thing. mississippi and i have been "treating" ourselves a lot this week. i think it's because we're both stressed and tired lately. but, i would like to start having big festive dinners at home. the clincher? none of my friends seem to keen on it. everyone is busy, and we eat early yadda yadda yadda. i think i may still try to do it though.

are you guys following the stream of consciousness alright? no? it's alright. i can't expect anyone to hitch up to this today. ha! i'm off to clean now. thanks for entertaining the loon.
adieu for now kiddos!

Monday, October 4, 2010

poindexter on the electric violin

okay. so, remember when i said i was a nerd?

i put a spell on you

because i'm a big nerd and, ahem, i love bette midler...aaaaand it's october.


bought to you by the letter M and pumpkins

good morning kiddos! 'tis monday and there is absolutely magnificent fall weather outside. i want everything pumpkin today. pumpkin coffee, pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup, pumpkin beer. heavens i think i have a problem.
today i am planning on being a tornado. i want to get all of my pesky errandy chore things done early so i can have fun the rest of the day. i'm going to fine tune the brooches before we photograph them tonight (yes we put it off again!), and i'm going to skulk around the craft store at some point in pontification of my next artistic venture. i'm thinking something along the sculptural line. hmmm...
well, i haven't much else to say at the moment. i woke up happy, peaceful and well-aware of how incredibly blessed i am. that's a beautiful thing!!
i hope your day is inspiring and happy today, friends!
adieu for now,

Sunday, October 3, 2010


good morning friends. 'tis sunday and a marvelous 50 something degrees outside!!! good grief do i love fall! here's the list!

1. i'm craving orange cinnamon rolls. i mean like, get out of my way kind of craving. the body and mind are mysterious things, eh?
2. mississippi and i spent a wonderful afternoon in thomasville, georgia yesterday. we bought organic salsa and a new hat for him to wear to work. it's made out of brazilian truck tarps that have been recycled into badass hats. awesome stuff.
3. i made two new felt brooches last night. i have five now that i'm going to put on the shop. a zombie skull thing, a green alien with an antenna, a pierced heart, a pumpkin, and a big red skull with black eyes. kind of a dio de los muertos kind of thing happening there. they are all around an inch or two wide and the brooch part is attached by a vintage button from my button box and a tie pin on the back. cute stuff.
4. my house is a wreck. i don't know how we do it. this week i'm supposed to clean a friends house to help out and all i can think is "i'll be coming home to this mess of a nest?". stressypants. i guess i know what i'm doing this afternoon.
5. i haven't been writing much but i really need to. i'm sitting here sheepishly glancing at my typewriter which hasn't been utilized in over a week. the thing is, is that i don't know what to write other than stream of consciousness stuff. i do that best...ahem...clearly. hmmm, perhaps i will peruse the google search archives for something to spark the writing engine.

adieu for now friends! enjoy this beautiful day!

Friday, October 1, 2010

friday greydreaming

okay, so i'm still fantasy-shopping with my imaginary money. today all i want are grey, cozy, snugglegems. every item is super reasonable in price and so cool and unique.
if you have real money to spend, not monopoly money (like me), please check out these incredibly rad etsy shops. so many beautiful things!!

this top is incredibly rad. so slinky and ladylike. one must have a giant cocktail ring on and a martini in hand to wear this. and a feathered chapeau. you just have to! pearl grey, tiny-striped top, leg-of-mutton sleeve sweater. $60.

it may not fall exactly into my snugglegem cozy theme, per se. but i think it looks really comfy for a going-out dress. and it's backless! on my sexy-o-meter, backless dresses are IT! metallic forest blackless chiffon ruffle dress in chiffon. $90.

doesn't this look like the coziest thing ever? oh, it makes me want to have a warm cup of tea in my cold hands and listening to a really good tom waits song on a saturday drive with my man. hemp fleece field coat. $210.

okay, so what is better than looking super hot and being super cozy at the same time? i think this sweater is the jam. with a perfectly-fitting pair of slim jeans and my vintage cowboy boots?! look out world. i would probably end up wearing this nonstop. to work (if i had it, ahem, to go to), puttering around town, to sleep, even. this would be my new blankie, methinks. grey cashmere batwing sleeve sweater dress. $55.

i'm in desperate need for a new handbag. right now the laptop case from target is holding up, but when you see something like this... well, you start rolling up pennies and nickels to cash in so the dream can be a reality. i mean, come on! it's the perfect static-y green/grey. the adorable button?! it's a fall/winter must-have. amy wool green french shoulder bag. $59.

happy daydreaming friends!

october yays!!

happy october wonderful people! i hope you said rabbit rabbit this morning to wish you good luck throughout the month. if not, say it right now! here's the list.

1. the weather has been unbelievably beautiful this week. cool and fallish. i'm so excited about it and i swear it does something for the soul. it's magnificent.
2. i am losing my marbles without my laptop and taking pictures every day. i want to show you guys all the groovy things i've been making so that you'll actually believe me. but alas... i must be patient.
3. why is it that ideas for the perfect themed gift come just a hair too late to make it seasonally appropriate? now i have to wait a whole other year to do it. and no, i'm not going to say what it is because more than likely most of you will receive it as a 2011.
4. is it bad that after all the talk i do about halloween and costumes and going out and having a blast on that super-fun day... that i kind of want to stay home and watch nostalgic halloween fare on t.v. (like are you afraid of the dark marathons and ghostbusters etc.) and eat reece's pieces and just chill out? what's up with my hermitude these days? well, other than being broke.
5. today is one of those textbook fridays. where there is nothing in the line of sight but the beginning of the weekend. it's days like these that you wake up ready to treat yourself to happy hour and fajitas at the nearest mexicanish restaurant in town and plan your weekend excursions.

oh happy friday and happy first of october! i hope you have a beautiful day, friends!!
adieu for now,