Wednesday, June 30, 2010


well good morning campers! 'tis wednesday and i am feeling a bit better. yesterday was the day of major overstimulation. by the end of work yesterday i was ready to find my own personal Elba. fortunately, some kind & funny messages from mississippi; an amazing home-cooked, garden fresh dinner and a two hour gilmore girls marathon with tennessee helped... as did the cheap white wine.

today i woke up an hour late. i'm still not sleeping well. going on several days. i'm not quite sure what's going on with my sleeping habits for the, but my dreams are wildly epic and impossible to remember. that last bit is very strange for ole lu. usually my epic dreams are so insanely detailed that i wake up and can recite everything as if i watched it in a movie. but lately, i can only recall a few details. like last night i was walking down a street in new york looking at some neglected/abandoned buildings; then i was riding the subway. i got lost in the subway station which looked nothing like the stations in new york and at some point i ran into my dad who was riding on one of the trains to atlanta. that's it. it's so frustrating not having the details! i know more happened but my head is so fuzzy these days that i can hold on to any of them. it's particularly interesting because i usually grab cues from my dreams about how i feel about situtations i'm trying to deal with; and i am dealing with several things. hmmm... i think i sense a few cues in my dream from last night regardless.

aaaaanyway, all of this is a long-winded way of saying i'm doing better today regardless of how fuzzy my mind has been lately. i'm very much looking forward to a night in alone (except for little mister seven, of course) at the chateau tonight. i've been feeling the urge to break out the jewelry kit and the typewriter (unrelated urges) and giving myself something creative to focus on to perhaps channel out some of the things i'm trying to deal with mentally. i'm excited. it makes me miss the days at the funky little shack when i would do that almost every night while i watched flight of the conchords marathons.

i am hoping that today at the shop is better than yesterday; or that at least my ability to deal with people is better than it was yesterday. sheeeeesh. and i surely hope that your wednesdays are fab-u-lous, friends! thanks for checking in with me even though my posts have left something to be desired lately. i'm baaaaack.

adieu for now, lovies!


today's picture: she's got legs. really long stilt-walker legs.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

helloooo tuesday...

good morning friends. 'tis tuesday and i'm still out of it from the yard sale. ish kabibble. i woke up in project mode this morning though. laundry, and hopefully a little yoga. it's teasingly overcast today and i'm keeping my fingers crossed that it stays dark and rainy. it would suit me quite well today actually.

tonight me and miss tennessee are going to relocate the remainder of the yard sale stuff over to my storage unit and then we are having a girlie dinner. i'm very much looking forward to that. afterward i am hoping to have some quiet tubby time and some netflix instant watch.

yesterday i had my fillings done at the dentist. i'm relieved that is over with. next on the list are my wisdom teeth. i am actually really nervous about that. i'm going to have to be awake for that and it just seems kind of mean. i'd rather be knocked out and wake up a new woman than have to watch it all go down. ack! however, it costs more to do it that way and...well, ain't that just how it goes?!

right now roo the breakfast kitty is nosing her way onto my lap and nearer to my delicious breakfast. if she weren't so darn adorable i'd put her out on her little hiney.

anyway, things are good on my side. i have a lot on my mind and have learned that i really can only tackle one thought at a time and be successful in resolving it. i'm looking forward to the big move; also quite aware of the small gaggle of people i will be missing the most. mama, and b, tennessee, twin, and a few magnificent friends i don't get to see nearly enough. but all in all very much looking forward to this new chapter. it's quite a lot to get organized in less than seven weeks, but i know i can do it.

well, i reckon i must be off. gotta switch out the laundry and start my sun salutation...

adieu for now friends. i hope your tuesdays are beautiful and productive!

*today's picture: my roomie's dress form, heidi, who keeps me company during breakfast every morning. especially when roo the breakfast kitty is uninterested in having a visit.

Monday, June 28, 2010

promised pictures

well, it took me a few days but here they are!
the little man this morning sleeping under the covers on my rainbow brite pillow. if there was ever any doubt that this pup was mine...i just destroyed it. sunday afternoon: chilling with my roomie's grandson, avery. he's been practicing his kissy face. i find it rather adorable.

saturday afternoon during my mondo yard sale. we made a little over $900 total.
friday: the chateau in yard sale preparation mode. so glad that stuff is gone!

thursday night: yard sale preparation day #2

stay tuned for a post that is full of insightful and inspirational prose. heh. or just stay tuned...
adieu for now,

Sunday, June 27, 2010

infomercial sunday

good grief. i'm still tired from the yard sale. it went swimmingly thanks to help from the folks, miss tennessee, and mississippi. we sold well over half of the items we brought and miss tennessee and i decided that we are going to have another sale at her house in a few weeks to move the rest of the stuff out. i feel like i could sleep until then. i promise pictures from thursday through today will be posted when i muster up the energy to do something other than stare blankly at the sunday infomercials playing on t.v. right now.
i'm going to go for now. it just took me five minutes to write that last sentence. ha!
adieu for now,

Friday, June 25, 2010

oi with the yard sale already!

for crying out loud! i was all organized and ready to do a catch up post today full of pictures of the past few days but as soon as i sat down at the computer this morning at the chateau...the interwebs went buh-bye. so here i am borrowing the shop's computer unable to post pictures. sorry guys, but i will have them soon.
i have been busy prepping for the ginormous yard sale all week. i can't believe how much stuff i am willing to get rid of. it feels awesome. i hope there's a decent turn out. i'm a little nervous i'm going to have to schlep all of this stuff off somewhere afterwards if there are no shoppers. fingers crossed that i can sell most of it because none of it is coming back home with me.
so the yard sale has had the awesome addition of my gal, tennessee who has brought with her unbelievable vintage clothes to sell. that exponentially ups the cool factor of the yard sale from "hey that's kinda cool" to "holy crap, that's cool!". i'm excited about that.
mississippi is heading over as i speak, ahem...type to help with all of the sale nonsense. i think i'm going to buy a few watermelons for us to enjoy under the tent tomorrow. yes i said tent. i have a big tent and clothes rack and mannequin and fans...ish kabibble) anyway, there's an old feller down the road that sells these watermelons and i look at him every morning thinking they look deeeelicious. and what says summer yard sale more than watermelon, i ask you?! heat stroke, maybe. heh.
well, i must be off kiddos. got a half day at work then i have a buttload of stuff to haul over the yard sale house. heeeeere we go! wish me luck and spread the word, btdubs. the addy for the yard sale is 1303 Ramsey Drive, 32312. laters!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

catchin' up

guten tag, campers. 'tis wednesday and i'm working within my new set time-frame for working on my interwebby stuff in the mornings. i have a tendency to kill time on the computadora instead of doing other things, like yoga; and that's not allowed.

last night i made vegetarian stroganoff (oh dear heavens it was good), and spent two hours in the storage unit pricing stuff for the yard sale. i came home and went to jump in the pool and the water was so cold! how is that possible?! it was soooo hot yesterday! so instead i bobbed in the tub and decompressed after a loong day (and i'm not going to beat myself up for not getting a swim in). then i cleaned the chateau for an hour and passed out.

last night i dreamed nonstop of trying to move to mississippi. constantly trying to overcome moving obstacles that would only be obstacles in my dreamland (such as carnies, bizarro planes, driving weird places with weird people and having to make chili dogs...ew). ha! regardless i woke up several times throughout the night but i don't feel that tired today. thank goodness. i am going to try to sneak in some yoga this morning too.
things are good, the yard sale is going to be filled with all kinds of cool (and pragmatic stuff too). i have soooo many decorative things, tchotchkes, mirrors, baby stuff, clothing, shoes, and baskets. tons of stuff. i'm a little overwhelmed actually. i'm going to be at the storage unit again tonight. it's a little creepy there by myself i must say and a little hard going through some of my grandma's things but oh well. it must be done!

well that's all for me at the moment. i met my time deadline and must get to gettin'.
adieu for now, lovies!

top picture: little mister won't go out in the mornings lately. he just sits there and stares at me for ten minutes until he decides to start running.
middle picture: tuesday morning sleepyhead.
bottom picture: little buddy running like mad on monday.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

list of me stuff

...because i feel like making one right now.
1. mr. bean makes me laugh ridiculously loud.
2. one day i hope to have a girl pet to keep seven company and name her vidalia.
3. i'm terribly intrigued by benjamin franklin.
4. i've never read the harry potter series, but i think the amusement park that just opened up is probably really fun. i would go in the winter.
5. i try to enjoy every season for what it is. i am enjoying summer and the fresh produce and pleasant swimming weather; but i honestly cannot wait for autumn. it's my favourite time of year.
6. i can literally spend several hours in a warm bath and do regularly.
7. i want to write children's books one day.
8. i'm going to try to swim every day (depending on the weather) until i move in august.
9. i'm thrilled about the concept of simplifying my life (hence the mondo yard sale). it's exciting.
10. i have always wanted to design and make furniture.
11. if i could live in a catalog, i would live in anthropologie.
12. i love classic espadrilles but have never owned a pair.
13. in case you couldn't tell from the button picture from the earlier post today, i love buddy holly and always have. npr did a thing on him a few months ago and played some of the recordings he did in his apartment shortly before he died. they were decades ahead of their time. so cool.
14. i still despise capers. i tried them in again in new york in a nice, little bistro in park slope. nope. still think they're gross. but at least i tried.
15. i'm not sure i will ever stop biting my nails...and that's okay. i gave up on the desire to be a hand model some time ago.

later, kiddos!

adrenaline junkie

good morning friends. i know it's been a few days. i was really under the weather yesterday and stayed home in bed staring out the window or in the bathtub all day. i have pictures from friday through sunday. monday's and today's will be posted. i apologize for being so behind with my picture a day project but at least i haven't missed a day yet!
as for me...i had a bit of a revelation the other day. i realized that fear is the dominant driving force in a lot of people's lives. fear keeps them from wearing that awesome whatever it is they found at a thrift store; keeps them from saying the thing they think is funny for fear that people will think its stupid; keeps them from being genuine to other people for fear of being wounded. i've done my share of hiding behind fear, although i'm happy to report that it is happening less and less. i am also glad to report that living without fear is the biggest adrenaline rush i have ever experienced. they may not like my holey jeans, my painfully loud cackle of a laugh, my silly jokes, or my emotional inside-outness but i don't care. i am in the midst of the happiest time of my life. fear can sit on it and spin. it is steadily being weeded out of my world and it is the best feeling ever.

i have more to say on various subjects but i have to get on to work. much love to you, beautiful friends! i hope your tuesdays are incredible and fearless!
adieu for now,

top: sunday and my new buddy holly pin.

middle: saturday, little mister got caught in the rain.

bottom: friday work.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

lissie: pursuit of happiness

a song that i keep listening to over and over. i love this cover. it's nice and intense. not for those hoping for something light & summery.

white noise

good morning, friends. 'tis saturday and i'm doing my morning thing. cartoons (because it's saturday and richard scarrey's busytown was on!), coffee, and breakfast. mississippi and i had a nice evening in last night. french movie, italian dinner, and ice cream bars. it was nice and chill which is how i like my fridays.

soon i will be getting ready for work. i'm hoping it goes by quickly so i may enjoy my sunday funday before starting all over again on monday. i swear, i'm still out of it since getting back from new york. i'm not really sure why but there seems to be a lot going on around me and it's a little overwhelming. i'm needing a little quiet and organization. i'm also thinking of doing another vegetarian month in july. it's a great season for it and i'm thinking i should just be a vegetarian every summer because the fruits & veggies are in such fantastic supply. something to think about...

i keep fighting the urge to buy all these things that i have found myself wanting lately. new clothes, new art supplies, a drafting table yadda yadda. i need to watch my money but it's taking effort to watch it without watching it fly out of my wallet. ha! not that i'm spending any right now, i just WANT to so badly! what is that about, i wonder? hmm. oh well, i reckon i ought to get ready for work and stop dilly-dallying. i hope you, my friends, enjoy this incredible saturday. it's shaping up to be gorgeous from what i can see from my window.

adieu for now!

thursdays pic: thinking of you paper drinking cup that came with my airport headache medicine. it made me laugh.

Friday, June 18, 2010

a little more with it

guten tag, kiddies. 'tis friday and i'm all kinds of thrown-off having had my monday on wednesday. heh. that was a funny sentence. i'm sitting at the chateau with a vat of coffee, some sour blueberries, some bacon, and a glass filled with emergen-C. i had a good day yesterday. mississippi hung out with me at the shop while i did my thing. it was nice to every so often step back there and giggle about something silly with someone special. we also went to family dinner last night which was really chill and awesome. my favourite part was sitting outside next to the fountain and us all watching the lightning bugs. it made me a little sad that i didn't see any when i was in new york; but i'm an optimist and when i live there i will either start a lightning bug rescue and rehabilitation facility or i will have to take trips to the country at least once a week so that i feel sane. a country girl can survive...
today is work. today is pragmatic. i'm thinking of the last two major things i have to pay for (lady doctor & eye doctor) before i move. the dentistry is taken care of, thank goodness. i'm thinking of the yard sale. i even dreamed about making yard sale signs last night. mississippi and i had a brief toe in the water socially last night that has somehow managed to further push me into hermitude. i want to stay away and bob in the pool and plan and organize and clean. i hope that's what happens tonight and this weekend.
love to you friends! i must get ready for work now. i hope your friday is wonderful, lovies!!
wednesday's pic: erykah balu by the pool.
thursday's pic: comin' soon.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

thursday mcfuzzybrain

weeellllll, i'm back in the ole sunshine state folks. have been for a little over a day. i was so tired tuesday night that i sat in the tub staring at the wall until i fell asleep. last night mississippi came over and hung out with tennessee and twin. we swam, we cannonballed, we drank cheap beer, we ate pork chops and corn on the cob. all in all it was absolutely wonderful.

today i work. i got the bacon cooking, the coffee heating up, and am trying to remember where i put my debit card last night. heh.

tonight is family dinner. i'm looking forward to seeing the fam. we haven't had a regularly scheduled famdin in about two weeks.

ish kabibble. my head is a little fuzzy today; as if my brain rolled out of my noggin and rolled under the couch getting covered with mysterious miscellany and dust bunnies. i'm looking forward to some quiet in the near future. oh, and i have pictures for monday and tuesday but it will be a little while before i can get yesterday's picture posted.

i wish i was a bit more with it this morning but my mind is elsewhere. sorry! i have yard sale on the brain for sure. next weekend! i think mississippi and i are going to go to the storage unit and price stuff friday night (i know, sounds exciting right?!).

well, i reckon i should eat something and get ready for work. more posts of interest to come me-hopes.

adieu for now,


top pic: in the herb garden/patio at roberta's in brooklyn.

bottom pic: atlanta airport on tuesday.

Monday, June 14, 2010

city sunday funday

hey kiddies. 'tis monday. i realized last night i have a seven hour delay in atlanta when i fly home tomorrow so now i'm trying to figure out the logistics of renting a car in atlanta and driving back to tallahassee instead of flying. i'd still get there 3 hours before the plane would. hmmm...
i have the symphony of sirens outside the apartment this morning and a busy busy mind. i've had a nice time in new york. found new things to fall in love with here. but i'm ready to head home. weird dreams have me yearning for something familiar. even if it's just a tchotchke from the chateau. on today's agenda? q-time with a fascinating individual named phillibuster. i'm looking forward to what kinds of shenanigans we will find ourselves in when he swings by to get me in a couple of hours. at the moment though, the shower is the only shenanigan i have the energy to get into and from how delightful i smell right now, it's probably the best idea. sooo, on that note. i'm going to go get pretty and wait for mr. buster. i hope your monday is swingin' folks. i'll be seeing you southern belles & gents soon enough! enjoy some pictures from my sunday funday in the city.
adieu for now,

top: dirty martini & the new burlesque documentary screening.

middle: down by pier 6 on a hazy day

bottom: brooklyn heights. sittin' on a stoop.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

saturday in brooklyn

good morning kiddies. 'tis sunday funday in the big city. i am currently sitting on the floor of my gal pal's apartment reviewing all the pictures i took yesterday while she sleeps off what we are assuming is strep throat. bad news! i'm hoping i don't get it because after that february and april nonsense i suffered through i will rip my tonsils out with my bare hands so as not to ever feel that way again. so i'm sitting here, wondering if i can find the atm i googled, what i should get for my girl to make her feel better, and what to do with the two days i have left in the city. hmmm...

while i ponder that situation, enjoy a few pictures:
afro-latin jazz concert at the brooklyn library.
adorable tot at a neighbourhood block party we stumbled upon in park slope. there are about five shots of her starting with her timidly approaching the rocking horse, to finally playing on it. so cute!trash can love.

top picture: the american couture exhibit at the brooklyn museum.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

citay day 2

yesterday: christian boltanski exhibit at the park ave armory: "no man's land". 60,000 articles of clothing laid out in the squares and a 40-foot mountain with a crane randomly picking up and dropping pieces back onto it. this is one of the largest unobstructed spaces in nyc and the entire building is filled with a loop of heartbeats (and you can have yours recorded for it). it's eerie, and amazing; precisely laid out and hauntingly cool.
still citying it!
adieu for now,

Friday, June 11, 2010

in the citaaaaay.

amazing restaurant where i ate with gal pal and phillibuster last night. broccoli rabe, pork belly, lamb & chorizo meatballs, bacon donuts (you read that correctly), ganache, salty caramel pudding (deeeelicious)...foodie heaven. totally recommend it!
still citying it!
adieu for now!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


soooo, as i'm packing up frantically and realizing just how challenging packing for all contigencies can be i remembered i have also collected four days worth of pictures i haven't posted. sheeeeeesh. so here are sunday through wednesday's photographic evidence that i have been out and about doing shtuff. as for new york and my bestie...heeeeeeeeere's lulu!

adieu for now...will try to post as much as possible whilst in the city.
tuesday: the funny stuff i find around the house courtesy of my roomie and her daughter.
monday: i got mildly eloctrocuted at work on saturday but didn't notice what had happened to the outlet who suffered through it with me.

sunday at the chateau decompressing.

top pic: wednesday: mississippi & ch-choo playing with mexican wrastlin' masks. yes they got one. but only one...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

miercoles y suenos (with the little swirly thing over the "n")

oh for the love of...! no good rest last night either. what is going on with my dreams lately? i know not. but i have mississippi and his roomie who from this point on will be referred to as ch-choo, in town and that brings a smile to my face. i'm going to be seeing my bestie in less than 30 hours.
we didn't have family dinner last night which has left me feeling a little off-kilter but we'll make up for it when i get back from the city.
i do have a lot of things on my mind; some are heavy, some are exciting. mostly i feel like i need to make lists and need to get hugs from all the people that i love.
i have seven hours of work left before i can dive in the pool. i have a suitcase left to pack. i have wonderful people to hang out with at the chateau and i am remotely awake. it's a good day.
i hope your day is beautiful too friends. i promise i will post pictures from monday through today. i'm so slack lately. blaming on the yawning.
adieu for now,

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

the best part of waking up...

good morning, friends. 'tis tuesday. i, once again, got very little sleep due to the odd desire to wake up every half hour or so. i'm going to have to be diligent with my vitamins etc. this week, i simply cannot get sick before new york.
well, last night i came home from work and cleaned for probably four hours. maybe more. i attacked "the closet" which had become an uproar of clothes & shoes and yard sale stuff heaped upon each other in an impressive and frightening everest situation. i cleared that out, sorting yard sale stuff to the left in over-flowing boxes, and hung up all the clean clothes yadda yadda. nothing exciting but it took foreeeeever and it looks pretty darn good if i do say so myself. the only thing i have to do really for new york now is figure out what i'm going to pack. i kind of only want to pack like three thing because i know i'll end up buying stuff up there. how could you not?!
i reckon i'm going to make myself some coffee. i'm not sure how i made it through work yesterday as tired as i was yet somehow i did. today i'm even more exhausted and the day is stretching forth looooooooong. i do get to see mississippi tonight and i'm looking forward to that immensely.
adieu for now,

Monday, June 7, 2010

end of the leash's been a good day. good at the shop, good at home. but i'm in a mood. you know the kind. i'm feeling all kinds of antsy and impatient and ready to pack up today and head out. like now. like yesterday. gypsy blood, y'know?! for crying out loud sometimes i feel so thrown away by this town. in reality i think i've thrown the majority away myself. i have about a dozen people other than my parents that i care to see. other than that i'm done. that has been made evident to me lately and it makes me sad (and angry sometimes) to acknowledge it.
i'm ready to go. all my bags are to speak.
that is all for now. i'm alright, just needed to vent.


so here are the pictures from thursday-saturday. sunday's picture was posted on today's blog...

thursday diner food with mississippi. no matter how hard i try, i can't find a sammich as good as the cabo blt from canopy roads. yet i still try...

friday working girl.

saturday, working the sale at the shop. the rain had cooled everything off for about twenty minutes and it was lovely outside. i sat out there alone for a while and just watched the rain. it was terribly relaxing.

adieu lovies!

hearts & stars & four-leaf clovers

good morning friends. 'tis monday and my teeny weeny weekend was lovely and lazy. me and a gal pal bobbed around in the pool for about two hours and i spent a lot of time staring off into space after that. i haven't been sleeping so well lately therefore i'm (of course) a little sniffly as punishment. but oh well, i'll take-a my vitamins and down some emergen-C (with my coffee) and try not to breathe in too much airplane air on my flight to NYC on thursday. i'm beyond stoked to see my girl, my buddy cleeeef, and the slew of new people i'm going to meet. i'm looking forward to all the amazing things my girl has planned for us (she read the itinerary to me last night and it sounds PHENOMENAL); i'm also looking forward to scouting areas to live when my adventures take me up that way (hopefully in spring of '11).

i feel awesome about my future, the new exciting things blooming before me, the wonderful people that are being introduced to me, and that i'm up and about today living, breathing, and grateful. happy monday!!!

adieu for now,

sunday's pic: making sillies with my orange gnome. he seems uninterested to say the least.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

song for you, friends...

i have slacked in my posts lately with the sale at the store and being generally rather sleepy and disorganized. i have pictures from thursday-sunday in queue to post, but they aren't quite ready just yet. in the meantime, here's a rad song i found on NPR that makes me happy and reminds me upon first listen, of one of my favourites, ben kweller. perfect for a summery sunday. so here you go, this fine day: jeremy messermith's "violet".

Friday, June 4, 2010

catch up

good morning friends. 'tis friday and i skipped a day due to well...being busy! but here i am, getting ready for work and contemplating the joy of sitting at home for a lulu friday night instead of going out. i love my fridays in. plus i am in need of some snuggle time with little man.
i've been cooking up a storm all week and have had a great visit from mississippi. i'm really happy and doing quite well. the first thing in my tunnel vision is cleaning, followed quickly by finding a suitcase and packing for my trip to new york next week to see the bestie, then...YARD SALE. i know i keep mentioning it, but i am hoping for it to be epic. i want to get rid of some stuff and i'm stoked the wheels have begun turning in regard to all the changes i've wanted to manifest for so long.
well, i haven't much to say today. gotta go to work and earn them dollars.
adieu for now, lovelies.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

breakfast buddies

wednesday: oceola jr. (aka oj, or ojers) sitting next to me at breakfast.

tuesday: ringo sitting next to me at breakfast. ha! aaaachoooo!

gypsy snails & yard sales

g'mornin' lovies. 'tis wednesday. i'm chugging cranberry juice out of the bottle. why is it so delicious?! i had a great night yesterday. family dinner was awesome and afterwards i got to spend time with a lovely gal and have some beers and chatty time. it was all needed and cherished.
i had a weird night's sleep. a little fitful but like a rock at the same time. i feel a hair wonky but it's a beautiful day and i'm glad to be a part of it. mississippi is coming into town for dinner and a nighttime pool party with pals. i've been in a cooking mood lately so i'm looking forward to making something deeeeeeelicious.
today i'm working, and i've got some grown-uppy things that need to be done (it is the beginning of the month after all), but after work tonight i'm going to swing by the office supply store and get a few things crossed off of my to-do list for the yard sale. i'm excited about this yard sale. every five minutes i see something else in my room that i ask myself "should i sell that too? how much would i ask for it?". it goes against my nature slightly to get rid of a lot of things in one massive sweep. i'm a nester from way back. but i also have gypsy blood and can make a home out of any ole shell i can find therefore the weight i have felt from my possessions the past two years has begun to take a toll on me. i'm very much looking forward to feeling lighter and seeing just what i actually can live without. i'm sure it will pleasantly surprise me.
adieu for now, campers! i hope you wednesdays are beautiful!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


monday: a hesitant drive east.

sunday: drivin' around.

saturday: in one of the most photographable apartments in mississippi. i think i probably have forty pictures of just stuff in benji's apartment.

friday: new orleans. such fun!

thursday: mississippi

she's baaaaaaack...

hello darlings. 'tis tuesday and i'm back from mississippi having had a really awesome weekend. i've returned to tally with a new perspective, a new inspiration, and a lot of plans. first of which, the epic yard sale is scheduled and is moving forward. i'm excited about it. it's the first step (getting rid of stuff) in making my life more simple and allowing me to move away from tallahassee which are two things i have been feeling a desire to do for about a decade. i've been feeling the tingle of change for quite some time, actually. my mom says i'm in the pre-sonic boom stage before a big change. i like that. i think it's very true.
staying put has been the right thing for the past few years. particularly after i lost my grandma two years ago. i've been biding my time, and trying to save money and now i have a decent cushion, a ton of ideas, and a lot of things are falling into place. i am feeling really good about it all.
things are happening and it makes me want to do a cartwheel, if i could do a cartwheel (which i can't); but i CAN do a somersault. maybe i'll do that instead. ha!
i hope you had a wonderful weekend, friends. stay tuned for some pictures from my awesome time with awesome people in mississippi and new orleans.
adieu for now,