Thursday, January 7, 2010

the essential desirability of spontenaity

good afternoon dearies! 'tis thursday and i am in a most fantastic (if not silly) mood. thank goodness the funk is lifting! i knew my propensity toward optimism (plus wonderful, caring friends) would nip that little blues jam right in the bud.

i'm sure you will not be surprised to hear that i didn't make it to the grocery store yesterday. and no i didn't eat wrapping paper for breakfast, even though i totally burned my pancakes and nearly went stark, raving mad because of it.

i went, instead to see a friend to get a fix of positive energy which was much needed to help push me even further out of my funketyfunk; which despite my best efforts kept coming at me in waves. isn't it wonderful to know there are people you can call and say..."hey, i need a hug" and their answer will always be "come on over!"? it did my heart good.

my mind is grappling with a few biggies today just trying to carve them into more easily digestible pieces. deadlines are frightening to me and having to work within a limited timeframe is daunting. thankfully i have a friend who is willing to sit with me and help me break things down so i'll stop wigging out. i am blessed with my support system, truly.

i began my second book of the new year. technically i restarted it. i began it last year in february. but last year was such a flurry of insanity that i put it down for it was too heavy at the time. it's called the essential spontaneous fulfillment of desire, by deepak chopra.

i know i know, it's deepak chopra. i was almost embarrassed to buy it but i thought the title had a nice positive connotation. it's about the interconnectedness of everything. a concept i have thought about often especially when the unusual things that happen to me occur once again. it's fun to learn and philosophize and make new wrinkles in my brain. it's been a while. my next book will have to be lighter fare though, for i can only philosophize so much before i'm tempted to make a toga out of my bedsheets and lounge on the steps of public buildings discussing the cosmic merit of packing peanuts.

ha! on that note, i'm going to get back to work. enjoy this beautiful day, friends!


*me at the shop today, amusing myself with the chandelier crystals.

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