Friday, July 9, 2010

bramble ramble ramble

oh today i have been craving autumn. i've been longing for sweaters and pumpkins and that tickle of cold in the air. i've been daydreaming about hikes, and candles that smell really good and spicy; frye boots and root vegetables. multi-hued landscapes, hay-bale and corn mazes, and a new wool hat. good grief. i try to live in the moment and appreciate every season for what it is; and i have enjoyed summer more this year than i have in a long time. a lot of swimming and midnight drives and friends and blueberries...but still my mind wanders to autumn. toward knee-high cozy socks and corduroy. oh my god i'm torturing myself! here's a song i heard today that i dig and want to share with you. that has nothing to do with the fact that i'm hopelessly yearning for crunchy leaves underfoot and a tall smithwicks but still...enjoy!
adieu for now,

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