Saturday, May 30, 2009

how do those wings feel, brother?

hola saturdayers. it is beautiful weather here in florida. blue skies, little white fluffy clouds (anyone else remember that song "Little Fluffy Clouds?"). it's not hot yet so it's perfect. makes me want to run around through a sprinkler and play frisbee. regress much?

i'm at work. shirking my managerial duties while bossing others around. that's the life, let me tell you.

made three new necklaces this week. i'm having a hard time naming one of them, it's very different than any of the others i've made. the other two are called "big heart", and "gettin' kissed beneath the lantern lights". i'm very proud of them and soon, very soon, the shop will be opening. i'm actually rather nervous about it (how ridunkulous is that?!).

here's to stepping outside of the comfort zone (gee, i wish i had a mimosa to toast that with)!

x's & o's


Friday, May 29, 2009


it is friday. i am alone at work which is kinda nice. technically it is my thursday because i work tomorrow but i'm not letting it get me down! i'm just happy that my patience & fortitude are not being challenged as much as they were yesterday.

on a slightly unrelated note, there is a general ennui upon my person these days.

i do yearn for an upward shift in my life. where cigarettes don't plague me and yoga fortifies me daily. where money is saved and not spent on etsy shopping sprees (for an oddly satisfying but disturbing trend of retail therapy) and rushed shipping for camera parts because yet again i've misplaced them.

a life in which i can work from home, pay my bills, and have a pleasant house with a yard for seven to run around in circles in. i would really love a change of scenery. i feel like a giant whale in a fish bowl right now. i can't move, can't quite change anything without shattering everything around me. deeeep. i know. i astound myself with my depth of pontification sometimes. wow.

life is good. i am good. family is good. friends are hanging in. relationship is ever-fluctuating but good. what's my deal? what's my damage?

stay tuned, i reckon.

adieu for now fridayers.


Thursday, May 28, 2009


i did not do so good with the patience. i, honest to god, have tried. but, my tone was somehow always irritated, and i couldn't ever just shut up or sit quietly when this person continuously nonstop pushed my buttons. i am not super proud of that.
i did, however, give a truly whole-hearted effort to the cause of not getting fired because of my absolute intolerance. so far, so good. what to do next time?

oh! patience, where are thou?

1. i am being tested in my ability to keep my cool around certain people that i am obligated to spend a lot of time with. i even looked up the patron saint of patience and have been talking to ole st. monica about it all morning. i'm not even catholic, but i'm hoping that monica doesn't mind and perhaps appreciates the cawfee tawk. deeeep breath.

2. i want it to be fall. autumn. glorious colour-changing, nip in the air autumn. it's the metaphorical quiet before the storm here. the storm being chronic heat reaching into the triple digits and nary a breeze to cool you down. this absolutely awful weather will last until halloween. right now it is lovely. cloudy, barely 80 degrees, a slight breeze floating around lifting the young ladies cotton spring dresses. but the beast is lurking and i'm dreaming of sweaters and pumpkin pie spice in the air.

patience is a fleeting virtue of which i have rarely come in contact with throughout my 27 years.

an example of my absolute lack in this area is the super cute dress i found today.

nanette lepore, why does 90% of what you create look like it was made for me? aaah. back to work. i don't even have the money to "window shop" anyway.

happy thursday, my pets!



Wednesday, May 27, 2009

we do odd rather well.

i had some weird dreams last night. one involved being levitated and moved across my house and placed at my front door. another about winning a contest to get to see chace crawford's closet. like i give a crap who that is, but my friend meg, is pleasantly obsessed with him and she wrote about him in her blog last week. the last was rather strange and it involved performing in a band with page & plant, freddie mercury, and i think steve perry from journey. freddie was all mad at me because i said something wrong. all i could think about was how jacked up his teeth were (in my dream they were slightly exaggerated from what they were in life). odd but funny.

wonder what it all means?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


i fell in love with this bag today and wanted to share it with the world. the best deal i've found on the interwebs is $83.90 take a moment to enjoy. a little ray of sunshine on this rainy day in florida.



contagious moods and aminals

i dislike very much when bad moods are contagious.
there was a contagious bad mood in my day today and i have to say i just don't have the patience or the kindness to deal with it properly. oooh, i don't like that!
i'm having that urge again. the urge to disappear for the duration of the week. i am hoping very much to get a lot done this week in the gloriously clean hidey hole that is my apartment.
one of the things on my to-do list is to not make snide comments especially at work. i have to say it's more of a challenge than i had predicted because of unforseen viral crabbiness.
not that i'm a total asshole to people but i have an extremely dry, sarcastic humour and lately have been using that to express things i don't know how to express otherwise.
psychoanalyze much? and scene.
today is dark and threatening to rain and i cannot wait to get off of work in 6 1/2 hours to revel in it and be creative.
have a happy tuesday beloved invisible readers! i surely hope this blog was not TMI on personal stuff. maybe i should say something truly cute to end the message today.
baby aminals. that's cute.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

a coupla things

number one: there are several reasons why i wish i didn't have such an allergy to cats. they're cute, funny, interesting to watch do weird little cat things. their addictions to catnip are always amusing. and then there are the reasons i'm so f-ing grateful i am so allergic to cats and will never have to deal with this on a regular basis...and that is cat poop. it has it's own particular odor that gets into your bones and makes you feel like you are living in midieval england the day before annual bath day. blech. i love my g-friend that asked for this assistance while she was out of town. but woah. that was the stankiest litter box i hope never to experience again.

number two (no pun intended): my house is now so damn clean it's amazing. i cleaned for almost five hours and am currently at my mother's house doing laundry. yeah, i'm 27 and should be doing laundry at my apartment complex but i'm low on quarters and had left my detergent here from the last time anyway. thanks mama!
this is my sunday. cat poop and cleaning. i think i may just need a toddy to finish the day.
happy sunday yous guys.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


whether it be the ever-hovering threat of rain (which i love), the late hour in which i went to bed, or the sheer lack of anything productive that i happened to manifest today somehow i find myself incredibly sleepy.
i'm hanging out with senor mas and his sister, bro-in-law, niece and nephew. i'm on double duty pet-sitting and feeling no urge whatsoever to do something good for me.
i've watched movies all day, sat on the couch, got a peanut butter milkshake (i think i was possessed), and made files for my filing cabinet.
wow. that's some good stuff. i have nothing important to say and obviously nothing of merit to report. just felt like writing for a second. i love time off.
adieu for now.

Friday, May 22, 2009

everybody's working for the i've been told.

i am happy to say that awkard watch '09 has pretty much concluded with a marathon of conversations betwixt (that's right) senor mas and myself. it's been good, challenging, and i think fruitful (at least i super hope so).

i'm at work right now, impatiently counting down the hours (3) until i can go home for three whole days. i can hardly contain myself and cannot wait to hole up with sense & sensibility (i'm on the last 20 pages!), my jewelry, and my pup.

happy memorial day weekend invisible y'alls! by the way, here's a happy pic of me in charleston from a million (4 actually) years ago. don't know why i felt compelled to throw it up here other than the fact that i'm obsessed with myself and parentheses (obviously).



Thursday, May 21, 2009

making things happen

i'm feeling very inspired lately. i have been meaning to write about this recently but whenever i have the chance to sit down and "blog" (i still don't like that word being used as a verb), i'm always in a hurry and never remember everything i wanted to discuss invisible (i.e. non-existent) readers.
i'm feeling inspired because i am doing the things i have always dreamed about and they're just sort of happening. i love it and i hope it sticks around for a loooooooong time.
as for my love life...well, no surprise it is slightly askew. but it is me i'm talking about and that is nothing new. (the askew love life and the talking about myself obviously).
i have tapered slightly in typing creatively on the olivetti this week, and practicing guitar, but a lot of other things are giving me peace where there hasn't been in a long while.
i needed to share that with someone, even if i'm the only one who'll ever know or notice.

just a, um, thought or two.

i realized upon watching a movie, whose title shall not be mentioned, for the three thousandth time last night, that i truly do have big girl crush on mark ruffalo. oi. how pitiful am i? you're about to find out...

he's so cool and confident and soft-spoken/off-center in the roles he plays and the fact that he's intelligent, creative, happily married and a devoted dad is uber-sexy to me in this particular time in my life. plus i found a pic of him rocking a CBGB shirt, which, i really don't have to explain why that's hot to me.


i had to proclaim it to the infinite universe that is my reading audience. because i'm all swirly about it today. sigh. what am i? 12?

in other news, i made three new necklaces last night. really. i'm on a roll and though my housekeeping has suffered, my creativity and ambidexterity are thriving.

here's to the big word of the day.

x's & o's, my friends.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

did someone say hump day? heh heh.

i feel like being a lazy shit today. perhaps because i am?
i made three new necklaces last night (have i even mentioned i've been making jewelry lately, i think i have...anyway). that brings the list up to something like 7 necklaces in a week. i'm rather proud of myself. i've been really enjoying how they come to exist and the names that accompany them.
hidden stairwell, mama used to sneak out & go skinny dippin', basic math no.1, basic math no. 2, sleep well, principessa, a brooklyn bumble, and atta girl!
as soon as i can i'll post some pics. i still don't have the frickin' cable for my camera. sheeeeeeesh.
as for the etsy shop...that will be happening by june i think. yippeeeee!
as for the rest of the updates:
day 4 of awkward watch '09.
obligations for the week have been completed and now to lock myself away for the next several days.
oh damn, gotta run, work and stuff.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

perfect weather

ugh. it's the most perfect weather here in the sunshine state today and yet i am down. i dislike being down during lovely weather.
i celebrated my two year anniversary with the bosses last night. love them, love the store.
have a tinge in my stomach about the state of things in retail; and that scares me. i'm afraid of what the summer will bring to our little rapidly-emptying college/political town and how deeply it will affect the retail industry (i.e. our little lovely store specifically).
now this is all fear-mongoring on the part of myself. i'm afraid of all of these things therefore they are becoming real by proxy.
factor in senor mas and i having an uber-bizarre argument that is now in its 3rd day of awkwardness and the growing concern i have in regards to my failing vision, pre-arthritic hands, and curious mole on my left leg and basically i'm convincing myself that i'm dead in the water.
i hope my neuroses have made you smile today, dear invisible readers.
adieu for now.

Monday, May 18, 2009

crafting & the need for a puritanical liver

what a surge or creative energy these days. making jewelry, time capsules, bought a groovy guitar (forgot to mention that in the last blog), been typing away on the ole olivetti, partying a little too hard (gonna have to take a puritanical week for my body's sake i think), and generally loving my creativity.

i'm beat today after two weekend's worth of celebrating people and events and a solid week of obligatory things. after wednesday, i'm not coming out of my hidey hole until after memorial day.

i'm definitely needing space from a lot of things right now and feeling a little off-center. i keep finding myself lacking in the patience that is so needed for delicate matters and celebratory functions.

here's to another week!



Tuesday, May 12, 2009

neko & necklaces

i can't believe it's been six days since i wrote last. having three days off this weekend was magnificent, if only for the copious amounts of booze consumed. i saw pals, celebrated birthdays, took a mini-vacay with mama for mother's day, organized randomly. all in all, may 8th-10th were a major success.

as for my latest happenings...i'm making some necklaces that i may (if completed in time) sell at our art park flea market this saturday. if not, i'm shootin' for one day having an etsy shop. it's monumental for this analog girl to even consider a life online. that's why this blog is so absurd sometimes. well, that and many other reasons mostly pertaining to my own odd little eccentricities.

today is tuesday and the only thing of interest i really have to say is that someone i know (a.d.) met and got to have an interesting conversation with neko case this past weekend in atlanta at a restaurant and i have been replaying a.d.'s story over and over again in my mind. except in my version, i'm the one meeting neko instead. vicariously living much?




Wednesday, May 6, 2009

save the gua!

boy am i in a weird set of ruts these days. i'm obsessively washing dishes but haven't cleaned anything else in my house. i've got another laundry monster growing in the skills & knowledge gua of my bedroom which is probably why i have felt incredibly introverted and unable to say things properly to anyone. i've been very bitter-sounding and more sarcastic than usual when i speak. my mind has been scattered. i did nothing productive but write all night last night.

senor mas just texted me my horoscope for the day:

Aquarius: expect some misunderstandings in the next few weeks, but do all you can to avoid that type of hassle. confirm meetings. don't stand on ceremony, especially with loved ones and friends. detach and look at the whole story. tonight: take in new vistas.

perhaps i should take the initiative to organize my schedule for the next couple of weeks. there is a lot going on.

in the meantime, i'm going to go to work. i have a three day weekend coming up and i cannot express how much it is needed. lately i have been feeling so drained from my work. even with a groovy new bonus package, my mind and heart and initiative have taken leave. what to do? listen to the ole horoscope, i reckon. oh, and fix the troublesome guas in the house!

happiest hump day!



Tuesday, May 5, 2009

home-agin home-agin jiggity jog...

it is threatening to be my favourite weather tonight. it's grey, overcast, a little breezy. delight! i just want the bottom to drop out (after i take seven for his walk) so that i may open my windows and watch movies, write, and listen to music. i am beside myself with the giddies.
my requisite tuesday night family dinner (which i love) was cancelled tonight due to the mother's day funsie trip mama and i are taking on saturday.
now, i actually have a night to myself!
something i want to plan are some art projects. there are so many things i want to do that i don't know where to begin! considering i am who i am...i'll start with a list and go from there.
on my list of what i want to be able to do right now are: making collages, making books, making jewelry and clocks. i'd love to be able to sew better as well. my problems are 1. time 2. patience. help!!!
regardless, happy tuesday!

Monday, May 4, 2009


well i wrote this super, introspective post on saturday with a little picture and everything. but after i closed out of everything, realized i never published it. niiiiiiice.

too bad i'm brainey mcscrambles today and have nothing of interest to say. i don't even feel like rewriting all the fantastic things i wrote on saturday.

alas, in summary, it is monday. i am booked out the wazoo this week and i'm already beat.

i did however, recieve my order from etsy the other day. in cool 1917 german hymnal with handwritten notations in it.

come to find out, i collect antique books with handwritten notes in them. kind of just realized it upon recieving the package.

that's about all i have today. i'm ready to go home.

hopefully my synapses will be reconnected by tomorrow.



oh! here's a pic of my new acquisition.

Friday, May 1, 2009

friday finally!

today is crazy busy at the shop! sale day! here's what's on my mind today:
1. this new flu virus is scaring me. i don't even watch the news. but, i live in florida and we are expected to be one of the hardest hit places. i don't like being sick and i don't want tallahassee to succumb to this pandemic. argh. freak me out.
2. i need a way to make money on the side and believe me...if hookin' were an option, i'd be considering it. kidding. kind of.
3. once again, all i really want to do is be sitting in my adorable apartment watching movies and snuggling with seven (and a glass of wine- that's right. i snuggle my booze).
4. i'm getting better at the typewriter even though i've been too lazy to read the manual about how to set the margins. atta girl.
5. i bought steel magnolias last night after my haircident. in fact, i'm so hormonal right now i bought juno, 13 going on 30, sense & sensibility, AND steel magnolias. all that's missing is a gallon of ice cream and a box of frickin' kleenex. oy.

and now back to work...