Friday, July 30, 2010

test 1, 2.

so i've been thinking about what i will do for august. i have been a vegetarian this month and though i will slowly reintroduce higher quality meats into my diet, i will mostly remain vegetarian (for the sake that i simply adore vegetables and fruit).
but i feel compelled to do another one of my experiments for august. what i'm leaning toward the most is the concept of packaged "convenience" foods like chips, gas station cheese danishes (oh i wish i was kidding about that one), M&M's, ice cream sammiches etc. junk food in general. i am greatly leaning toward removing them for the month of august (and preferably forever). a once in a while thing is okay i reckon; (kind of like dressing trashy for a night out with the gal pals. it's fun for a night but any longer than that and you feel sick), but a bag of carrot sticks is just as convenient, if not more so than a bag of chips. hmmm... i'm going to mull that one over for a bit. i'm pretty sure that's the test at hand for ole agosto.
adieu for now, darlings!


good morning kiddos. 'tis friday and i'm beginning to get everything back in order after the move. mississippi and i have a few more car loads to get from the chateau and some cleaning to do before we are officially out of the chateau and into the nest. things are a little hectic on the job front and have had me super duper frazzled. no me gusta. but it's alright. i got my resume done and am looking forward to having some time to actually send it out. that's what sunday and monday are for, i reckon.
well, i'm still gathering pictures from the photo-less week. here's what i have for sunday.
as taken by n. ortolano.
and this one is from monday (also taken by n. ortolano). that was the nest bedroom in a state of duress (aka moving). it's looking much better now, though we still haven't hung one picture or piece of artwork. that will happen soon though. gotta hang the horseshoe above the door first.
adieu for now, friends.
pictures from tuesday-today to come!

Thursday, July 29, 2010


saturday: sofa on the lawn. moving day.
friday: emptying the ole closet for the move!

thursday: oj the cat eating dried hydrangeas for breakfast.
sunday through today's pictures to come!
adieu for now kiddos!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


geeezie peezie. good mornin' kiddos. another quick update before i start work. the nest will be connected to the interwebs by this evening. in the meantime, tiny little bouts of connection leave me unable to post anything of interest, really or any photos (obviously). a nest update though, it's lookin' darn good, smellin' pretty decent, and we just met our neighbourhood mrs. kravitz. you know, the neighbourhood busybody. the nosey nelly that wants you to be as up in arms about well...anything as she is. ha! every neighbourhood has one. ours is an alarmist in particular and refuses to wear a bra... when it is very much needed. we got the 411 on just about everyone in our new neighbourhood, even our own personal sherriff's name; and though i don't share her particular brand of paranoia, i do appreciate that someone is out there keeping an eye out for everyone. even if it means she's a little bit of a snoop. or a lot.
well, that's it for now darlings. more to come!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


good grief! no interwebs at the new place (now dubbed the nest). we are 98% moved in, except for a few key items like the shoes i wanted to wear to work today. ha! but it is awesome and we are loving it. it has a great energy and i have tons of pictures to upload but no way to do it at the moment. stay tuned!
happy tuesday, friends!

Friday, July 23, 2010

time to think

good morning friends. 'tis friday and tonight mississippi and i begin to move into our apartmento. i'm so excited about it, i woke up this morning an hour before my alarm went off thinking of what i would pick up for dinner tonight to celebrate our first day at our new house. *giggle*
i've had a lot of things on my mind lately. my dreams have been erratic and stressful; and i've had no real time to sit and mull things over. you know me and my quiet time. a good dose of quiet time can keep me from being horrible to everyone around me. sooo, i'm going to have to do the world a favour and take some time for myself soon.
anyway, i've been considering taking this blog in a different direction but i'm not sure exactly how. i love discussing my daily stuff and sending it out into the interwebs for all to see; but a) i'm not sure too many people care to read about that in general b) i have actual things to say. hmmm... where to go from there?
well, i will be posting pictures soon, i promise. if you have read this for any length of time you know that when i'm feeling discombobulated i can't wrap my head around being organized anywhere else in my life. but as per usual, the pictures do exist and will be posted soon. stay tuned.
adieu for now,

Thursday, July 22, 2010

get 'er done

guten tag, darlings! 'tis thursday and i am getting things done this morning. turning on the utilities in the new apartmento, and some much needed laundry. i've had a frackin' piece of glass stuck in my heel for several days now but it's been driving me bonkers since yesterday, hence no morning walks. me no likey.
oh well, other than that i'm doing alright. trying as much as possible to retain my sanity in a particularly insane situation. good grief. i'm also looking for a new job and trying not to freak out about it. i need positive energies and the optimism that comes with starting a new job. hmmm...
on that note, i'm going to go look online for some employments.
adieu, my sweets. i hope your thursdays are fantabulous! pictures to follow later today.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

wink wink, blink & nod

goooood mornin' friends! 'tis wednesday and i slept in a little. it's a beautiful thing. i have this love affair with sleep. always have. some people can function on little or no sleep, but not i. some can stay up to watch the sunrise. i'd rather wake up early and watch the sunrise while i'm out on my morning walk. ha!
i look forward to sleep, partially because i have really interesting, epic dreams most of the time. and i do have the proper respect for the waking hours, don't get me wrong. but oh, how marvelous it feels to get a good night's sleep. *sigh* just lovely.

that's all i feel like talking about this morning.

adieu for now my tiddlywinks!

today's picture: the bright morning light in the foyer. i like the way it made the chandelier all sparkly.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

key words & state flowers

goood morning, friends. 'tis tuesday and i just got back in from a two-mile walk. yay me! despite the fact that i smell rather lovely, i feel pretty darn good. it's been a whirlwind of a week or so, and will continue to be so for several more weeks. so my morning quiet time is really beneficial to the general welfare of everyone around me. ha!

mississippi moved over here this weekend. i say "moved" but he's here for five days til we go back to the magnolia state to get mr. miati, his car; and whatever we can shove into both of our vehicles. then come monday, we move into our new apartmento. it is very exciting. i love the energy about the place. it just felt like home immediately upon entering it. i was so nervous we wouldn't get it because i had a house-crush on this place. what makes it even better? an awesome ladyfriend of mine lives two doors down. that's right, just like the dolly parton song! sooo rad!

anyway, monday we are moving in as much of the big stuff as possible; more than likely taking mini-trips in our cars for the rest of the week. we're stoked and i think it's time to have another yard sale!! the key word for the next few weeks, simplify.

there are a lot of things evolving and changing. that's always a good thing though it can be a challenge to find one's footing. i'm inspired by it though. i've been wanting to write a lot more which is handy for a lot of reasons. one of which is that i HAVE to write a resume soon and get it out there for the world to see. positive energies for that, please friends.

well, i reckon i ought to make some breakfast and get to gettin'. i hope your day is beautiful. do something summery for yourselves today, like eat watermelon off the rind. oh! that sounds so delicious right now!

adieu, lovies.


p.s. because i had to double-check what the mississippi state flower was aaaand i'm a nerd for information like this:
today's picture: we have a lot of books and this isn't even near all of them.

Monday, July 19, 2010


saturday: after a long day of driving, little man didn't even want a morsel of food. p.i.t.i.f.u.l.sunday funday with mississippi. photo by n. ortolano.

monday breakfast magick time at black dog. that cranberry walnut muffin was deeeeeelicious! photo by: n. ortolano
post to come, kiddos. thanks for hangin' in in the meantime. xoxo

Friday, July 16, 2010


good morning, friends. 'tis friday. i'm in a funny way today. therefore i'm keeping it quick so i may focus my energies on getting out of said way and back into the positive light. i'm ready for a weekend and may have to spend several hours in a bookstore tonight.this was the little froggy that joined the menagerie thursday night after the wicked rain storm.

this is the apartment that i really like that i went to visit wednesday...that i still don't know if we've gotten so i'm super anxious to hear about it... and i'm probably jinxing it by putting it up here. oh well, it was the only picture i took on wednesday.

this is little mister pants on tuesday. he is not fond of the thunderstorms we have been having lately. poor thing!

*top picture: friday morning and i'm out of it due to another nine+ hours of sleep. i feel medicated which is kind of a funny feeling.

adieu for now, my friends. i hope your fridays are wonderful and tons of fun!


Thursday, July 15, 2010

dos fotografias

wheatgrass shots at new leaf with mississippi on his surprise sunday visit.

at the eye doctor monday. i am a marsupial.

cork it

good morning friends, 'tis thursday. i'm still a tad under the weather but a decent night's sleep last night surely helped. i'm hoping that by tomorrow i'll have enough energy back to return to my lovely morning walks i have missed so much this week.
well, last night i kept getting punched in the face with a "mood". i don't like those moods but i was really frustrated last night. every time i sat down to work on the resume i HAVE to have done soon, i would get so irritated it was all i could do not to throw the computer across the room. why is this? i know not. perhaps too many wild flying-around thingies stressing me out in my mind. there is a lot going on after all. mississippi is moving here this weekend and after work on saturday i'm driving over there so we can load up jane honda and mr. miati (if he's fixed by then) and head on over to the sunshine state.
we are also looking for apartments. i found one that i'm really excited about but i'm trying not to get my hopes up about it. last time i did that, a place was rented out from under me. i'm also, as i previously mentioned, looking for a new job. i'll be here well into spring of 2011 and i need something to keep me solvent until then. being a glutton for punishment as i sometimes am, i made the ridiculous decision to read employment reports online yesterday. way to go! and even though i know better, i began feeling completely helpless.
i feel a tad better today though. but these are some of the things on my plate that have me a little stressimans. even long tubby time didn't help yesterday. but today is a new day, thank goodness. i'm in a slightly more sane place than i was last night and looking forward to when all these stressors funnel themselves into their respective bottles so i can cork 'em up in there.
well, i reckon i should get ready for work. three more work days til another mississippi drive. i'm excited about that. wish me luck wif all ma stuff, friends. i hope your thursdays are replete with stress-free summer fun.
adieu for now,
*still having picture issues. this will be remedied with a photographic post ranging from sunday-today, hopefully very soon.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

micro post

good morning friends. i have but a second before i must bolt off to look at a potential new apartment. i didn't write yesterday because i was unfortunately under the weather. today, after nine+ hours of sleep, i still feel icky but i've got vitamins and water and well, that's all that a girl could ask for when she's got the sniffles.

well, i'm having a time with pictures lately. for some reason, sunday and monday's are being difficult and tuesday's will be posted with a somewhat more substantial post either later today or tomorrow. ish kabibble. wish me luck with the apartment (and everything apparantly)! ha!

happy wednesday kiddos!
adieu for now,

Monday, July 12, 2010

weekend recap

good morning kiddies. 'tis monday and i'm off from work. i slept late again and now am rushing around trying to get seven and myself ready to start our day. little buddy has to go to the doctor and get a shot. he's fine, just regular baby care stuff. he is not going to be happy though, i can tell you that right now. after that i have to go to the eye doctor for my regular eye care stuff. wowsa. what a day off, huh?
i had a great and relaxing day yesterday. mississippi drove all the way over and surprised me yesterday morning. we ate at our favourite diner, apartment/house-hunted for over three hours, made a delicious lunch, took a nap then he was on his way back to mississippi. it was a wonderful surprise and did us both a lot of good. we are not too terribly keen on the distance right now. *sigh*
well, i will have more things of interest to post when i'm not rushing around like mad. aaaand i will add all the pictures as well.
adieu for now, friends!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

tol ya

today's picture taken once i was feeling presentable. enjoy your day friends!

does everybody know what day it is?!

good morning friends. 'tis saturday and though i went to bed super late (got a midnight inspiration to post a kajillion photos on my flickr account) and got up early to take a long walk; i'm still in a rather decent mood. a little sleepy but alright nonetheless. i'm not looking forward to going into work today. i'd rather have a saturday to enjoy at the chateau and have breakfast or lunch at canopy roads today followed by a solo movie date. i haven't had one of those in a long time and i rather enjoy them. i think i may see one of those in my near future.
anyway, i had a fabulous friday night in. one of my patented piddly nights. i tinkered online, made an incredible dinner. chunky garlic & shallot butternut squash soup with herbs de provence and pecorinno romano cheesy bread. good grief it was incredible. truly. i think i may have found a new lu recipe that will stand the test of time. it was a total autumn meal which should come as no surprise to you guys if you read my post last night.
after that it was dexter reruns while i had wine and tubby time. and just to let everyone who reads this know, yes i realize how magnificently luxurious a night like that is and i enjoyed every second of it.
well, i should find some coffee and take a shower, gotta hit the bricks soon... i hope you all have a beautiful saturday. do something fun for us schmucks punchin' clocks today.
adieu for now!
p.s. picture to be posted once i'm out of stinky workout clothes and have started approaching presentable again. much love, friends!

Friday, July 9, 2010

bramble ramble ramble

oh today i have been craving autumn. i've been longing for sweaters and pumpkins and that tickle of cold in the air. i've been daydreaming about hikes, and candles that smell really good and spicy; frye boots and root vegetables. multi-hued landscapes, hay-bale and corn mazes, and a new wool hat. good grief. i try to live in the moment and appreciate every season for what it is; and i have enjoyed summer more this year than i have in a long time. a lot of swimming and midnight drives and friends and blueberries...but still my mind wanders to autumn. toward knee-high cozy socks and corduroy. oh my god i'm torturing myself! here's a song i heard today that i dig and want to share with you. that has nothing to do with the fact that i'm hopelessly yearning for crunchy leaves underfoot and a tall smithwicks but still...enjoy!
adieu for now,

narcoleptic lu

good morning, friends. 'tis friday. i slept for ten hours last night. my morning has gone buh-bye. it makes me feel wonky but apparantly my body needed that. i haven't had a long sleep like that since march when a lot of crazy stuff came to a halt. anyway, we had a nice family night last night. i made a half & half pot pie casserole (half chicken and half tofu). it was a success! it was nice to cook for my family because i don't get to do that often. i went home and cleaned for about ten minutes then sat down for a second. the next thing i knew it was almost midnight; then i fell asleep again and woke up at four to turn off all the lights and get in bed properly instead of half-dressed and listening to the gilmore girls menu music on a loop over and over again. heh.

well, despite the fact that i woke up with scant minutes to roll around in my morning time, i'm in a relatively decent mood this morning. i'm excited that mississippi is moving here; and that tennessee and i are going to have another yard sale in august. i'm already pulling more stuff out to sell. it feels quite good.

oh well, i need to hop in the shower. i no like my mornings being rushed. i'm hoping to make up for it tonight by having a peaceful night in. wine and movies and organizing. it's good for my brain.

adieu for now lovies. i hope your fridays are super-fun and relaxing. much love!


*today's picture: wonky morning lu

Thursday, July 8, 2010

bless her heart

aaaaachoooooo! good morning, friends. 'tis thursday and i have not been able to stop sneezing since i opened my eyes this morning. ish kabibble. i think i gave myself a hernia with the last sneeze i had. is it proper grammar to say i had a sneeze? i gave a sneeze...i did a sneeze...i performed a sneeze? "i sneezed" is correct but wait...this kind of stuff always confuses me. "i think i gave myself a hernia with the last sneeze i sneezed. seems redundant but i'm pretty sure it's correct. aaaanyway...

i'm sitting at the chateau trying to force myself to down the last 8 ounces of my water bottle. i'm not sure why it has been so hard for me to drink enough water lately but my body suffers for it and we cannot have that!

i took another walk today and you know what i realized? well, other than the fact that halfway through my walk, i had, in my sleepy stupor put on my not-so-opaque leggings instead of my comfortably opaque stretchy workout pants (your welcome, suburbia); i also realized just how long its been since i have had a massage. my shoulders and back are so tight and full of knots that i was actually walking funny this morning. no me gusta! the massage therapist that i adore is a tad on the expensive side for this penny-pincher at the moment. oh well. that's just the way it be sometimes. i really should get on training seven to walk on my back.

i did, however, have a beautiful morning walk regardless. i love the early morning sounds and i know i will miss them when we move to new york. however, i'm sure i will come to find charm in the early morning city sounds as well...temporarily. i'm too much of a southern girl to be wooed by the city's charms for too long. heh.

this morning i am running a tad behind (let myself sleep in a half hour) so i probably should say adios for now. i hope your thursdays are lovely and...well, charming. why shouldn't they be, right?!

adieu for now,

*today's picture: the trees lining the driveway at the chateau. pretty, no?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

la musica

a beautiful song for your day, friends.

summer morning

good morning campers. 'tis wednesday and i had the most splendiferous evening in last night. it hearkens back to the awesome nights spent in at the funky little shack last year which i've found myself missing ever-so-slightly lately. i cleaned, organized, did laundry, had tubby time and watched movies.

this morning i woke up early and took a long walk around the neighbourhood. it was so beautiful and there was the teeniest snap of cool in the air which made it that much more magnificent. it reminded me of how mornings felt in north carolina when i was a kid there during the summers.

birds were hopping around everywhere singing and creating a pleasant white noise morning soundtrack. men and their dogs were out and about being men and dogs. i'm not sure where i was in my mind exactly but it was a good quarter of a mile into my walk that i realized i hadn't looked at any of the houses around me (which is what i normally do on walks). i just reveled, as per usual, in my morning time. so luxurious!

now i'm having coffee, about to fold laundry then hop in the shower. i'm not quite ready for the "serious" part of my day to begin yet. i want to hold on the the quiet, coolness of early morning just a little bit longer. *sigh*

i hope your wednesdays are beautiful and calm. much love, friends!

adieu for now,
*today's picture: the work space i cleaned and organized last night. i think it looks super cute!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

mas fotos

this morning: no makeup and in desperate need for a shower. mmmm...isn't sheeee lovely?
monday rain storm in mississippi as seen from under the bridge.

sunday fourth of july cacti.

saturday at the grocery writing short stories while mississippi made a kajillion drawings.

the girl loves her mornings

good morning, kiddos. 'tis tuesday and i'm an hour and half into my morning, on my second cup of coffee and an episode of gilmore girls. heh. i love long mornings. i wish so often that i could work from a home studio of some sort and be able to luxuriate in long mornings even longer. it's my favourite time of day. yesterday i drove back from mississippi with a change of plans in the works. it's different, but i think it will work out swimmingly. now i have to figure out what to do about the job & the living situation. heh. swimmingly it will work out indeed! i am optimist prime! anyway, i had a wonderful weekend with mississippi. we watched documentaries, he made art, we made delicious 'tarian foods, and took long drives. it was lovely indeed.
today i have some work to do. well, other than actually going to work. i ought to make a list or something. i think that's what i will do with the rest of my rapidly disappearing morning.
much love friends! hope your tuesdays are highly enjoyable!
adieu for now,

Sunday, July 4, 2010

da fourth

happy fourth of july, campers! 'tis sunday and i am currently in the "not quite awake" stage. i actually slept well last night but i still see a nap in my future for today. i had one of the most epic and amazing naps ever yesterday and it may sound silly, but i think it helped me sleep better last night. my dreams were back to normal. odd, overwhelmingly detailed, intense, and plot-driven. whew! i feel a tad bit normal. a tad.
well, everything where i am is hot and relaxed. we went to downtown ocean springs yesterday and browsed the shops and drank the beer. it was very cool. we ended up not going to the art festival and instead spent an hour or so on a patio of a restaurant drawing and writing short stories. pretty cool.
i have no idea what we may be doing today. hopefully play with fireworks and eat some good food. happy independence day!
adieu for now, lovies.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

ocean sprangs

good morning kiddos! 'tis saturday and i feel like i've been beaten with reeds. it's all good though because i'm sitting next to mississippi and i'm looking forward to all the fun stuff we will do and talk about on my long weekend. we always have fun.
the traffic yesterday was ridiculous. i know i know. it's a holiday. i'm no rookie. but it was insane. it seems like 98% of the drivers yesterday reeeeallly should not have been out on the road. i felt like i was behind 297 miles of drivers ed cars (that also happened to be semi-trucks at some points). oh well, i made here safely, thank goodness. had a more decent night's sleep than usual. i think i probably got about five hours as opposed to four the night before, and two and a half the night before that. i have decided that i want to train seven to walk on my back before i go to bed so that the knots behind my shoulder blades will eventually get worked out and disappear. heh. wish me luck on that one.
well, i see breakfast and an art festival in my future. so i will say adieu for now... i'll probably post all the pictures when i get home on the fifth, but will write a little something every day. love to all this weekend (and be safe, for crying out loud)!

Friday, July 2, 2010

beach fossils

something rad and beachy to enjoy. beach fossils.

take another picture with your click-click-click-click camera...

today's picture: fresh outta bed sleepyhead. groovy jamjams though, right?


goood morning, friends. 'tis friday. i got about four solid hours of rest last night. dreamed mississippi came to sit on the edge of my bed and help me sleep. it's kind of sad when my subconscious is wishing for sleep while i'm actually trying to sleep. but i also dreamed that i bought texas and all the places that were undeveloped i turned into the biggest wildlife preserve in the united states. it was cool.
i had a great family dinner last night. hobo dinners. i love it when mama makes those. it reminds me of being a little kid. oh, for those of you who don't know what those are by the way, hobo dinners are when you make a little pouch with foil and fill it with whatever you want and bake it. you can use chicken, corn, burgers, potatoes, peppers whatever. it always turns out cooked perfectly and delicious. so that's what we did last night and it indeed was delicious. i'm going to make family dinner next week and i'm looking forward to it a great deal.
well, i have a short post today because i have to get ready for work and pack for mississippi. i'm heading west after work as soon as i load up mr. seven and his suitcase. i'm hoping today goes by quickly and easily at work because i'm ready to hit the road. i'm really excited about my weekend. i hope you guys are too. happy fourth of july a little early just in case i don't get to post while i'm out of town.
adieu for now,

Thursday, July 1, 2010

art & veggies & sleep

rabbit rabbit! it's the first of july, hope you remembered to say it this morning, it's good luck. i am still not getting a decent night's rest but i did make a necklace and begin a few collages last night. by 9:30 i was passed out with seven, covered in paint and glue. but from 9:30 to about midnight i slept pretty decently soooo...silver lining!

today i am hoping for decent sales at the shop and preferably as little frustration as possible. i have family dinner tonight and a drive to mississippi tomorrow night. both of which i'm looking forward to.

today also, being the first, is the official beginning of yet another vegetarian month for lulu. my body just seems to be craving fresh produce and...honestly...pasta. no real cravings for meat. just trying to listen to what my body wants... and it wants watermelon, cucumbers, tomatoes, field peas, pesto, berries (times a million), zuchinni, and fresh herbs. good grief! it's the only thing (other than swimming) that i like about summer. and this basket of fresh blueberries sitting in front of me is about to meet its maker for sure. and even though he is 296 miles away, mississippi will be taking part in the 'tarianism as well. of course, he actually committed to it for like, four years before, so he probably won't be hit upside the head with weirdo cravings for dry italian salami like i did when i did this in january. ha!

well, i reckon i should be gettin' ready for work. this time limit thing i've been giving myself for the interwebs in the morning goes by pretty quickly. i hope your thursdays are rad!

adieu for now, friends!


today's picture: one of the pieces i began last night.