Monday, September 20, 2010

a few of my favourite things

1. chocolate & peanut butter. sure there are the basic peanut butter cups and nutter butter bars. but now that i'm really getting into the halloween spirit, i've gotten quite excited about chocolate and peanut butter eyeballs by palmer. last night mississippi and i bought three bags and filled up one of my vintage jars with them. it makes me smile, and from what mississippi says,there is an excellent peanut butter to chocolate ratio (something that he happens to be very serious about).

2. paper mache pumpkins. especially the vintage ones with crazy faces. i'm planning a few projects along the paper mache route and i'm getting quite excited about them.
3. comfort food. i've got all the fixins for my much-lauded (by me anyway) corn & sausage cheddar chowder ready and a-rarin' to go. i've also got a mad craving for meatloaf these days and sweet potato fries. good grief!
4. the new "mexican pumpkin" and "indonesian teak" candles we got at world market the other day. now, i know i sound sickeningly domestic but i'm a candle-freak and pick up seasonal ones whenever i find ones that smell really really good. these smell really really otherworldy good.
5. bon iver, neko case, tom waits, the tallest man on earth. all the great music one would listen to (especially on cold, breezy or rainy days).

what are your favourite things today, friends?
i hope you enjoy your mondays!
adieu for now,

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