Tuesday, August 24, 2010

teeny weeny post

good morning. 'tis tuesday and i've been remiss in my daily posts. sorry friends! well, i worked all day saturday, the babysitting gig was cancelled (thank goodness, i was nervous about it). mississippi and i had some wine and chilled out. sunday we ran errands, monday i had a job interview with a maintenance company. aaand i'm still looking for a job.
it was a really long, really intense week last week. this week will be no different, i gather. i will take some time tonight to find my pictures from saturday-today and post them. so, don't go anywhere, folks.
adieu for now,


Susanne said...

hang in there honey , hang on to your hat ...... Uncle Jim says we may be Jewish on Uncle Snap's side an d Memaw's .Theres no denying some things !xxoo

lulu said...

that's awesome!