Friday, April 30, 2010

31 hours 'til my 32 hour weekend!

gooooooood mornin' friends. what it is? 'tis friday and i woke up in a great mood. i mean, it's been a while since i bounded out of bed and skipped into the kitchen to start my day. lately i've been grumbling and shuffling and moving slower than molasses in january. another great phone conversation last night before bed probably helped. touching base with people that have something to say is a pleasant and refreshing change. texted back and forth with my gal in brooklyn last night which helped a great deal too.
i've been methodically hitting every location that i have associated with the people that i no longer get to see (and actually miss), so that i can replace sad and/or melancholy memories with happy happy ones. it's working, though it takes a great deal of effort and often guarantees a few down moments as the band-aid gets ripped off. tough broad, party of one!

well, i am so incredibly ready for the weekend. i work today and tomorrow with sunday off. but homeskillet is ready for some good times. i have been busy, pensive, and quite distracted this week; and i will have to do some stealthy maneuvers to avoid awkward run-ins considering that everyone and their mother will be in town this weekend ('s graduation weekend).
but i'm nothing if not an accomplished master of disguise and circumvention.

you totally pictured me twirling my mustache, swooshing my cape and disappearing behind a corner just now didn't you? you have.

adieu for now, darlings.

today's pic: proof that roo the wild cat lurves lu the...puma? tigress? bobcat? bah. proof that roo loves lu, how 'bout that?

Thursday, April 29, 2010

because i love lists

things i have an affinity for:
1. the smell of oranges, clementines, and tangerines being peeled. i save the peels and hide them in the pockets of my clothes to find later and smell. the scent calms me down and takes me to another place. a happy place.

2. northland cranberry juice. i can literally drink gallons of it. que delicioso!

3. pincushions. i used to play with my grandma's, rearranging all the little brightly coloured pins. there is something comforting about having a pincushion around the house.

things i want want want:

1. an abacus. i've always wanted to have one. a massive one. there is something about the design of an abacus that is so deliciously pragmatic. plus, any of you who know me know that i love counting things. it's a part of my OCD.

2. a giant clam shell. i know it sounds weird but do not forget i am the daughter of an interior designer, so some decorative things seem very normal in our houses. there are a million reproductions out there (pottery barn etc.) but there is one that has been at a shop in apalachicola for at least ten years that i have wanted. perhaps because it's $900+, perhaps because i don't know how i'd get it home, but i haven't gotten it yet. yet i have always wanted to have that smack dab in the middle of a kitchen island or on the hearth of a fireplace. hell, if i had it, i'd put a cushion in it and pretend i'm venus on the half shell all the time.

3. frye boots. every so often on this here blog o' mine, i get my little wild hair about gorgeous tall emmylou harris-style frye boots. mmmmmmmmmmm, mama wants.

things i just don't understand:

1. american idol. dancing with the stars. real housewives of whatever. the bachelor. the hills. yadda yadda yadda. i don't understand "reality" shows. when did the shift happen where vapid, greedy, ignorant people become so prominant in american culture?! it's depressing and one of the many reasons i don't watch television.

2. girls who wear sweatshirts with coochie-cutter bootie shorts and ugg boots. maybe this is a tallahassee thing, i don't know but they are the personification of the reality show cliche in my opinion. why would one feel the need to showcase the fact that they have absolutely no common sense by way of dress? the same reason people don't mind getting 15 minutes of fame for being an idiot on national t.v.

3. suburbia. i can put myself into other people's shoes, don't get me wrong. i can understand the safe, no-surprises world can be very intriguing to some people. but i don't understand why there are so many crappy housing developments with identical cardboard houses and teeny uber-green lawns, and parents too annoyed to talk to their kids; meanwhile the kids just play those little obnoxious handheld video games. i've been noticing it so much lately. perhaps because i'm spending more time on a different side of town, i don't know. i get that i exist on the other end of the spectrum in regard to this. i get that i thrive on individuality, but it's just frightening in all honesty that there are so many people too terrified to live a unique life. so many who are comfortable to hide inside the wal-mart, target, home depot, olive garden, morning talk show, generic jazz-pop country music padded-walled life. what does that say about "the contemporary american"? anything at all? is it really that different than any other time since the 1950's when suburbia came into existence the way we all know and recognize it? why does it feel more prominant to me these days? ah, who knows.

ahem...soapbox complete. heh. enjoy your day friends!


Wednesday, April 28, 2010


bonjourno kiddies. 'tis wednesday and i have had a decent plus day. you know what has been nice about today? no drama. no sadness...well, maybe a little. but 98% non-sadness. i'm a woman so there will always be a wavering of emotion from one end of the spectrum to the other. it doesn't help keep me on the smiley end of the spectrum when i play van morrison, and tom waits though. oh well, i digress.
my mind continues to reside elsewhere these days but that is to be expected. i did however, have a lengthy and laughter-filled conversation with a friend that was delightful. i also had the benefit of motivation to complete errands this afternoon which made my bath (when i finally got home) that much more enjoyable. add the wine, the jean harlow movie (platinum blonde), and my oh-so-comfy bed...and i'm doing rather well indeed. i have a filthy little pup curled up in a ball at the foot of the bed. a dimly lit bedroom, the waterboys singing about the fisherman's blues and the tiniest tinge of peace. not tiny at all, actually.

i hope your evening, and your hearts are relaxed, friends.
adieu for now,

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

the littlest post of all

late post. not much going on today other than me swimming around in my head, thinking a lot. i've been counting my blessings a lot too. and i have a-plenty of blessings to count. thank you to my wonderful, loving friends and family out there who get me, or want to at least. it's pretty rad. much love!

adieu for now, my jam jams is calling me and the little buddy needs some attention.


Monday, April 26, 2010

washing the mud off the happiness

well, friends. let me tell you a little story about how fabulous it is not to be working right now. i had a big, fun, intense weekend. been kinda reeling from it for a couple of days but it's all good. i had a wondrously long tele convo with my gal pal last night replete with boisterous laughter and a few tears. i miss her. yesterday was what we refer to (after a weekend such as mine) as hetero life partner pancake day. back in the day we would have been at the funky little shack eating yummy comfort and/or hangover food and recanting the events of the weekend. still, the conversation did wonders; and once again we pulled each other out of our unusual respective atmospheres and back down to earth to conquer a new day. it's a beautiful thing to have.
today i am at the chateau, chatting with the roomie, drinking gallons of coffee, and listening to a brand spanking new record by the new pornographers. their harmonies are good for my soul. i wish my mind could manifest harmonies such as that. that's a problem-solving skill set i do not yet possess.
i have been tossing around ideas for potential new careers or ventures and ways to remove myself from old cycles and this city. it seems to insult people when i talk about these things. i love the city i live in. i've been here for 26 years for crying out loud. but it simply is not the place for me anymore. i feel a yearning. a string through my heart that is being tugged by some unknown hand in an unknown direction. it's terrifying and terribly exciting.
today is a beautiful day friends. get outside and run around. i'm about to pull out my yellow sparkly hula hoop and enjoy my child-like wonder of the world for a bit.
adieu for now, lovelies.
top pic: the beautiful mexican bowl my grandmother gave me. i've been missing her lately and today i noticed the flowers looked like a smiley face. i like that.
bottom pic: the beauties i share my tubby time with. they keep me company while i drink wine out of the bottle and watch old family guy episodes or movies from the 40's & 50's.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

the big domingo

hello friends. 'tis sunday. i'm pulling double-duty as maid/sloth at the chateau. it's been a weird, wild weekend and i'm glad to be home relaxing. i'm glad to have my right mind though i'm completely swimming in it today.
i'm chillin' on the couch, lookin' out the window. i've got my girl, V over studying for finals while the gilmore girls run on a loop in the background. this is an atypical sunday funday but it's lovely nonetheless. changes are happening all around me and within me. life is being lived. feelings are being felt. hope your day is peaceful, friends.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

senorita sabado

hello kiddies. 'tis saturday and it is my favourite type of weather. dark and rainy. i hope it stays like this all day and evening because this little mama is going to crawl into a hot bath and read and drink some wine when she gets off work today. i am feeling rather good. strong. confident. impatient (heh. nothing different about that though i reckon).

last night was interesting. i watched a movie with a friend; then after a mildly annoying incident i found myself at an old favourite watering hole of mine where i ran into one of my favourite people, two of my previous neighbours and a couple of newbies whom i found to be delightfully entertaining. i drank bubbly shiraz, laughed inappropriately loud and then took my little behind home and went to bed. it was very nice indeed. a chill friday (or second thursday if you read yesterday's post).
well, that's all that's really happening with me right now. a pleasant longing for peace, a sense of power and strength, a really cute outfit and a mere five hours until i get to go home and begin my weekend.
i hope your saturday is wonderful (cozy too).
adieu for now,
*right pic: last night at my friend's house.
*bottom pic: the bouquet my roomie made from her garden yesterday. so pretty. such a ray of sunshine, that gal.

Friday, April 23, 2010

i woke up naming ernest hemingway books

friday. that miraculous beast of a day that, if you don't work saturdays, is a welcome reprieve from the drudgery of the workweek. fridays for me are like thursdays that everyone else on the planet are really excited about therefore there are happy hour specials and bands playing and art exhibits opening etc. all to celebrate...second thursday. i can't get quite as excited as other people for second thursday.

on the other hand i have something that people who work mondays don't have. sunday nights. sunday nights are like everyone else's laid back saturday nights. no shows to go to or art exhibits opening; but movies to go see, and restaurants to relax in (where there aren't any screaming babies to deter the dining experience) or long drives to the coast etc. it's a decent trade though i would love to exist some time in my life where my fridays are other people's fridays too (and mondays are plain ole mondays too).

anyway, it's friday if ya haven't guessed and i'm sitting at the kitchen island at the chateau drinking a remarkably bad batch of coffee (worst i've ever made. it's like i forgot how to make it completely. dishwater. ew.). of course i slept late again. little bud slept late too which was so nice. we had quite the mama-baby snuggle this morning. it's been a while. i guess he and i both have been a little prickly lately. oh but snuggle we did. it was lovely.

last night i went out with my scorpio friend (who i never seem to see anymore). we went to a poetry open mic night down at the local art park. we sat beneath live oaks and pines that were draped in twinkle lights like strands of pearls on a little girl playing dress-up; we drank our respective beverages...and heard no poetry, or singing for that matter, at all. not one person got up there until we left. hilarious! we had a great chat though and she chauffeured me around town in her new car.

let me take a second and give her major props. she had a terrible hardcore fear of driving. she didn't get her license until she was 30 years old. she worked really hard to overcome this fear and it was so awesome to see her taking it on and taking to it quite nicely. kudos, friend!

after that i met up with one of my gal pals and her bro and a bunch of her colleagues and sat outside listening to music under the stars. i stayed out a hair too late but that's okay. i had quite the time.

now, i'm scurrying to shower, dress, and make it to work on time. wish me luck, friends! happy second thursday to you! ha!

adieu for now,
p.s. oh, and as for the title of this post, i actually did wake up naming off the titles of ernest hemingway books.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

s'okay, folks!

well, here i be, kiddos. it's thursday. i stayed in bed until 15 minutes before i was supposed to leave for work. the sleep was welcome. i am doing better today. some lengthy conversations, a nice walk (or hobble in my case) in the woods, a delicious dinner (mongo stir-fry joint. anyone had that before? it's like one fresh stir-fry know, actually fresh and tastes good) and i feel rather decent.

i'm not sure what exactly is allowing me to keep one foot on solid ground while the rest of me is doing loopty-loops but i'm grateful for that one stubbourn foot o' mine. and hey! guess what?! i have the interwebs back on my little laptop. i'm stoked about that. i'm not the most technologically sound person on the planet so mysterious problems with computers, phones, televisions, printers...just about anything mechanical baffles me.

well, after reading the comments from the past few days i feel like i should apologize for worrying any of you. i'm not losing my mind or about to go into grey gardens hermitude or anything. this is simply the place where i extol the many victories and lament the many challenges in the bizarro world o' lu. it's a hell of a ride, though right?

well, for your viewing pleasure, pictures from monday through yesterday. enjoy! oh, and happy earth day!!!
adieu for now,

monday dinner with cb & twin. mama has had a hankering for mexican food after all the festival healthy food.tuesday night wine & tubby time. how i chill and water-warp the pages of whatever book i'm reading at the time.

top pic: the best way to get out of a funk. have this little angelita greet you at the park running full speed, giggling and yelling "lulu!" does any heart good, i'd wager.

love to all!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


well, good morning friends. i had a rough night last night. you know what i know about myself? i know that i am strong. i have had a lot of experiences that "build character". perhaps that's why i am such a character, who knows. but, i am in the midst of a character building experience and i'm a little weary. last night was not the best night i've ever had. i called my gal pal and sobbed in the phone because well...i'm blessed enough to have someone that will pick up the phone when i call.
today i woke up sad at 5 am. weird dreams weird realities. i finally fell back asleep around 6. when i finally pulled my tired butt out of bed i felt just as sad, a little puffy, but much stronger.
that's the ticket. i'm strong as hell. even when i am feeling remarkably downtrodden, i know i am strong. i can deal. i may lose my cool, but i always recover. i have the weeble-wobble gene. you can knock me down but i always bounce right back up.
and...of course, everything happens for a reason. i let my guard down a while back and got very mad at myself for it. but my awesome roomie told me the same advice i gave her a long time ago. just allow yourself to be open to the good stuff; and i did. though it sucks to have it wither away before my eyes, i know it's happening for a purpose and i will be better for it. i already am.
here's to a new day, my darlings. here's to the lights in our lives that make the dark times more navigable. here's to life, man. it's going to be a good day. i choose for it to be, and i'm nothing if not an optimist.
all my love and gratitude to you today.
adieu for now,

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

gold friggin' stars

'tis tuesday, campers. 'tis raining and my laptop's internet connection has gone kaputski and i can't figure out why. therefore, no pictures will be uploaded until that is resolved. sorries!
as for me, i am doing rather well. have had a lot of much needed insight spring forth in regard to some things that have been on my mind. though i am a smidge despondent over some of the things i have learned, i am ever-so-slightly motivated to accomplish some major stuff and am feeling very straight-forward these days. a little too much methinks, but oh well. it's a practice in declaring my needs AND keeping my mouth shut. ha! so typical me, eh?
well, i've got a busy week ahead. i enjoyed a lovely combination of productivity & fun yesterday and am looking forward to all of my social engagements lined up for the next...oh, um 10 days. don't worry, i'll be taking lu time too.
aside from monstrous allergies and the ominous threat of summer heat that hangs in the air (too early for that!); and the aforementioned items of note... i am doing quite well. feeling stronger. feeling more in control, less over-stimulated and vulnerable. it's a delicate scale but i'm doing my best not to let any hiccups throw me off too much.
while i've learned over the past 5 years or so, is that it is important to accept help when you need it; i have also learned all to well in that span of time (particularly recently) that no one, and i mean no one, will take care of me or love me better than i already do. i've kind of always known this but seem to have been out of practice in existing as such.
i cannot rely on anything or any one person (other than myself) to give me what i need. that's crazy to think about sometimes. and if i weren't so damn stubbourn, i'd probably be depressed by it a little.
having relied heavily on family, friends, and lovers before and for so long to burnish whatever longing or need i may have felt. it's unfortunately a habit that i have steadily been chipping away at. lately even more so. gold star for me.
adieu for now, darlings. pictures to come as soon as i figure out what the heck i've done to my internet connection. hope your day is beautiful!

Monday, April 19, 2010

sunday night horror flick

good morning! 'tis monday and i'm happily recovering from the festival weekend and the funsies i enjoyed last night. if i had had more energy i would have been at the college radio station last night with my bud but couldn't quite do it. instead i ate mexicanish food with a pal i don't normally get to see, met up with my parents for a minute, then met up with a gal pal and a fauxbook friend for liter night at the pub. quite enjoyable. then i tucked my little behind into bed and dreamed the most bizarre, epic, frightening zombie dream.
in it i was living somewhere on long island i think with my boyfriend (who in my dream is a random acquaintance of mine in real life who i ran into this weekend). in it, there's an epidemic infection basically that's causing everyone to turn into zombies. i'm not sure you know this about me but i am terrified of zombies. truly. i can't watch the movies yadda yadda yadda. the concept of zombies totally freaks me out.
well, so in the dream they were kind of zombies. they aren't eating people at this point but they have this maniacal look in their eyes and their mouths are stained this weird blue and red like they got punched in the face and then bled everywhere. weird. they scurry about like zombies in movies and grab people and infect them and...well, it's quite frightening.
but me and my boyfriend figure out at a kid's birthday party (nothing scarier than zombie kids!) that insulting infected people brings them out of the maniacal stupor. we learn this not from insulting children but by hearing them fighting over toys at the party. anyway, if insulted, they slowly emerge out of the infectious fog basically.
thus begins the quest and here we are running through all of new york city screaming horrible things to people with blue and blood stained faces. some too graphic and/or cruel to mention on here, but also things like "get away from me you buttface bluehair!" (that was to a little old lady by the way. at first she laughed this demonic laugh; then i said something more cruel and she snapped out of it and i pushed her out of the way...i told you it was a weird dream).
aaaanyway, my dream was playing out like a film so it fades in to a few months later and the city of new york has given me and the boyfriend a saweeeeet apartment above a badass shop of my own in a cool, funky neighbourhood as thank you for saving the city of new york. the boyfriend has become a firefighter and life is good. peaceful. i think it was autumn too (happy time for me).
one night i am out at a beauty supply shop around the corner helping my friend with her kid's birthday party favours; and i am telling her all about how much i love my boyfriend and how wonderful things are...then i get this crazy tingle on the back of my neck (which is always what happens to me when i get frightenend in real life). i look around and say to my friend "oh no. it's come back".
the infectious disease has come back and people are scrambling everywhere. i cut through a cemetary and there's the little buttface bluehair standing in a pale blue chambray shirtdress with her arms folded and grinning like the cheshire cat with the gnarly stained face. creepy, man.
i make it back to the sweet apartment and boyfriend is coming down the stairs putting on his firefighter gear. we have a moment of bizarre peace as if nothing bad is going on around us because it hasn't reached us yet; and we knew we'd made it through before and we could do it again.
it was a really awesome "partnership" moment...until after proclaiming our love to each other, i ask him to marry me when this is all over and he says...and i quote "no! whatdya think about that?! but here are your keys."; he emits a disturbing cackle of sorts, and runs away into a field of tall sea grass (like in that movie, field of dreams). i look up at my sweet apartment, listen to the commotion of the mass hysteria moving closer to my borough, my pretty shop window, the field of grass to my left, our car to my right, i sigh and wake up.
now i'm in a funny mood AND my horoscope this morning was all about partnership and rising to a occasion together; making sure i don't think i'm more important than anyone else. totally weird right? i think so. the dream and the horoscope.
okay, well that's the most interesting thing happening with me today. i'm going to clean the chateau and get some stuff done before starting my work week tomorrow.
i hope your day is nice and mellow, friends... and that no zombies attack you.
adieu for now,

Sunday, April 18, 2010

photographic summary of a fun weekend

as promised... setting up thursday night. found a sweet spot way back, and far away from tent city.
found a 1973 scout international. i have wanted one of these bad boys for a couple of years now. except i want to paint flowers on mine...because i'm a lady and ladies like flowers on their beastly awesome cars.

last night allman brothers and pretty lights.

interstate wildflowers. one of my favourite sights on a road trip. pretty ending to a rad weekend with friends.

the festi-faerie returneth

well, friends. i am back from the festival and had a wonderful time with truly wonderful people. one of my fave festivals on my long festi list because of the delightful company, fun music, quiet camp site and proximity to the river. i hobbled on my broken toe, danced on it (yes i did!), and hula-hooped for hours on end. i laughed and sat by camp fires, ate carni food and all in all had a fantastic weekend.
one for the books.
adieu for now. i hope you have had a great weekend too, kids. pictures to come!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

yammer on thursday

good morning friends. 'tis thursday and tonight i am heading out to a festival after work. i spent the early part of the evening running all over town to find the food i wanted to bring. i spent the latter part of the evening having a much needed tele convo with my gal pal up in brooklyn, buying powerball tickets with the roomie (so fun!), and taking an obscenely long bath while checking in with the book i started last week. i slept decently but something is definitely up as to why i haven't been able to get a full night's rest in a week. it's lunar or psychological. one or the other.
i'm just glad i'm in a decent mood and am looking forward to camping with friends and listening to music this weekend. i haven't gone to a festival since november '06. i can't say i have missed it too terribly much but i have been getting the festi-tingles for a couple of days now and that's rather enjoyable.
i haven't anything to report today. i'm still in bed, in fact. guess i should get ready for work...
adieu for now, lovies!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


as i promised...photographic evidence that i have indeed existed monday-wednesday of this week.

today's picture: doing better, wearing one of my favourite outfits, and rootin' around for my usual optimism. think i found it.

tuesday's picture: little miss cantankerous. it was just a dark day, guys. it happens to us all.

monday's pic: little miss 2000-flushes-bluehands magee. this is from rinsing out tie-dye goodies in the front yard with cb. they turned out pretty great. three days later, my fingernails are still blue. ha! it looks like i got my hand stuck in an airplane toilet.
later, darlings!

better than bitter

well, hello friends. i'm not so caustic today i promise. i sort of slept last night. better than the night before but i unfortunately am still not rested. i dreamed there were worms no bigger in diameter than a pin head under my skin last night. i could see them moving around and tunneling across my body. in my dream i was trying to find a doctor that wouldn't cost me $200, but no luck. so i said fine! i'll pay $200 for a doctor visit, then no doctors would see me. weird. i woke up around 5 this morning from that dream and have been too scared to look down to see if there actually are worms under my skin. ha! funny.
i'm in a better place today. i'm feeling a little overstimulated, and am looking forward to a long bath tonight after i hit up the grocery store (exciting stuff, right?).
oh, i had originally mentioned that i wanted to read two books a month this year. well, i'm not on my 7th or 8th book for the year (which i would be if i were knocking out two a month), but i am on my third. i reread the great gatsby the other week and enjoyed it so very much. now, i'm on the thirteen moons by charles frazier. he wrote cold mountain and is from the same little north carolina town my dad is from. i started it last friday and thus far i am enjoying it. i think i'll make some time to read a few chapters in it tonight.
well, i have a festival i'm going to this weekend, so i won't be able to post friday through sunday. and yes, i have pictures from the past few days but i have misplaced my camera cord (again. i know!) and haven't been able to download them. stay tuned on that front, kiddos.
well, that is the magnificent world o' lu right now. it's a heck of a lot better than that bitter garbage yesterday, eh? thanks to all the awesome people in my life who took the time to make sure i know i am cared for. message recieved, thank goodness!
adieu for now,

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

well, good morning crazypants!

what is up with me lately? i think there is a crazy, self-destructive lady who looks just like me that knocks me unconscious every so often and poses as me to ruin every good thing i've got going. it's that just nuts.
i'm angry at the world today and angry with myself. my mind hath taken off without me and the calm, lovely fresh-of-face gal i was enjoying being has been replaced this week with a neurotic, asshole version of me. ew. no fun at all and no one's fault but my own. the nice girl is inside making a racket to get out but the angry one won't let her yet. it's going to be a long day. a long day and i haven't slept well in three or four. oi.
there is an odd cycle happening in my head right now that i have experienced before and managed to escape (within an inch of my life, mind you). i have to break the cycle now or i will be consumed by it and never be able to escape again. no time like the present, right? right!
adieu for now, kiddos. hang in there with me if you've been experiencing the neurotic asshole version of me lately. i'm about to kick her ass. it's what any nice girl would do i think.

Monday, April 12, 2010

because i love a list

what i did yesterday:

1. quality time with lady friend at the miccosoukee green wherein we laid on a blanket in the grass in our bathing suits, drank beer, talked literature and (i) got unintentionally sunburned. i couldn't tell you the last time i have gotten a sunburn. i'm an SPF freak. but yesterday...and it's all on the left side. ish kabibble. regardless the Q time was much needed and thoroughly enjoyed.

2. tie-dyed t-shirts, dresses, and underoos in the backyard of the chateau with some lovely people. i had never tie-dyed before and i now have proof that i have done so on my hands, my arm, and leg. i look like an easter egg.

3. sat on the back porch with my roomie, her beautiful daughter, my sweet friend, some beer and pizza.

all in all it was a successful sunday, methinks. not quite ready to go back to work, but it's a beautiful day and i'm in a decent mood.
please enjoy this monday, friends. it kind of sneaked up on me too.
adieu for now,
top pic: saturday daisies.
bottom pic: the only parts that didn't get dye on them sunday.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

much ado

sundays rock don't they? it is a beautiful day here in tally. and i mean gorgeous! been talking about hitting the coast with my lady friend today though we have already gotten a rather late start to the day (thanks to our respective long and fun saturday nights out). perhaps i can talk her into lounging at the park instead. i just want to be outside. i'm not particular about where.
i'm still in a funny head space and was surprisingly (and temporarily) pulled out of it last night by a band of very amusing people. however, i do feel that tinge of the "over-do" on the back of my neck, so i know i need to be vigilant in taking alone time when i need it to prevent my not-so-spontaneous combustion.
well, this is me today. i hope you are having a beautiful, relaxing sunday kiddos! pictures to come...
adieu for now,

Saturday, April 10, 2010

where's your invisibility cloak when you need it?

happy saturday, friends! i am having quite a time getting out of my own head lately. sooo contemplative am i that it's coming off as indifferent to what's going on around me. i'm not sure i like that. but, it'll pass. all i want to do is sit around and read or listen to more music and scribble thoughts down on paper, short stories or lines for poems. my social skills are leaving something to be desired. that is unfortunate considering that i must indeed be social. i have my hermit wall up and for the life of me can't seem to get it to come down. curiouser and curiouser indeed, alice.
off i go for now, to work and try be merry and make that money.
more to come, lovies.

Friday, April 9, 2010

no-fog friday

well hello there! 'tis friday. two more days of work and i will have a sunday to relax. i hope to go to the coast since the weather is supposed to be quite lovely this weekend. i feel like i have to make up for the 3 day weekend i had off last week but ended up being sick in bed for. cramming a lot of weekend into saturday night and sunday is a challenge i have been known to accept.
tonight i am looking forward to spending a quiet night at home. my friend is coming home early from his trip and i see beer on the front porch in our future. at least that's what i'm hoping for.

it seems all i am wired for right now is peaceful pontification and music. i had kept my apartment so noisy with movies on in the background to occupy my mind and keep that ominous fog i mentioned previously, at bay. i had done this so much that i hadn't been listening to music. the tv has been shut off and the pandora kicked into high gear. my mind works so much better. it's astounding actually. i have slept better too. dually noted.

well, beautiful people, i must be off to get ready for work. enjoy this day!


*today's pic: little man keeping me company while i write to you fine people.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

rain, rain don't go away! stay & play one more day!

hello friends. 'tis a rainy (thank goodness!) thursday evening and i am fresh out of the tub, jamming to some lay low and generally enjoying a night in. i have really been enjoying my quiet time lately. i became ever-so-slightly stir crazy being sick but after having spent some enjoyable time with friends this week, i am not even the slightest bit stir crazy now. bring on the quiet, bring on the cozy, bring on the puttering!

i reveled in some of my favourite weather today. dark clouds filled the sky and for hours the pre-storm winds blew threw town and gently moved my hair off of my shoulders. magnificent. the earth smelled new after the rain this afternoon. everything was technicolour green and the temperature dropped a solid five degrees or so. it felt majestically like spring and had me yearning for life in a place more temperate so i can enjoy days like this more often.

i'm happy to be home, friends. i'm tickled that my purple toe matches my purple dress. i'm glad the pedal steel was invented. it's the perfect sound for a fabulously sprinkly evening in.

adieu for now, lovies!

*today's picture: ringo exploring my camera and helping me get a good picture for the blog today. thanks lil bud.

hands & toes

heh. so, here's the majesty gathered from my camera on tuesday before the battery died. i'm so amused that this is the only thing that made it. it's such a graceful gesture and an awesome memory captured for this 365. now i will always remember that tuesday that me and my lady friend danced around her living room to that gorillaz song.

this is my newly broken left baby toe. that's right. any of you that know me, know that i've broken the last three toes of my left foot innumerable times. well, thanks to the love of my baby toe was broken two days ago. i didn't realize it was actually that bad until it turned black yesterday at work. ish kabibble.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

a day late & a dollar short

good gracious i had a busy day yesterday. back to work, and back to reconnecting with the people i haven't seen in a week or so since being cooped up at the house with the plague. it was a beautiful day in tally yesterday (even with the consistent fine mist of pollen that continues to fall mercilessly upon our town).
after work i had the pleasure of porchin' it with a great, and fun lady friend and her brother. beer was had, and a little dancing in the living room to a new song by the gorillaz too. awesome! then me and the roomie went out and bought ourselves some powerball tickets. i've never played before and i am super excited. i had the oddest "grown up" feeling, buying my ticket. how funny!
unfortunately last night, my camera died. the only picture i have is of my lady friend's hand as we were dancing around her house last night. so, as soon as the battery charges for my camera, i will post it.
well, i'm off for now! i promise to post something of remote interest or substance soon!

Monday, April 5, 2010

camera 1, camera 2

good afternoon, campers. 'tis monday and despite my inflamed glands and turkey timer of a lymph node, i'm doing quite well. ew. i should probably not begin my post with whatever. i can say anything i want on here. anyway, just about anything compared to how i felt the past few days is an improvement. so there. i'm totally doing the running-man because of my improved state...ahem...

i've spent most of the day cleaning/resting and i'm rather stoked at the progress i have made. it's good for the psyche and my psyche needed a band-aid. the weather is unseasonably warm today. while some people are stoked, i'm wondering where spring has gone. isn't it supposed to stay lovely for a few weeks before we start sweating? bring on the breezes, baby.

well, i'm in a better place physically, mentally. my head doesn't feel as foggy though i have gotten nothing of substance accomplished. oh! except for getting a decent jump on gathering items for the big yard sale i mentioned i wanted to have. that feels good. i like that little tinge of excitement one gets when the ball starts rolling, so to speak.

i'm making a point to really enjoy this one beautiful day off because work starts back up tomorrow and my weekend was, sadly just a series of woozy flashes interrupted only by frequent restless naps, chronic pain, and mystifying nausea. so, here i go, trying to heal and be positive!
adieu for now, my darlings!

*today's pictures: startled by the realization that the unbelievable sinus pressure behind my left eye has made it look slightly wonky...i decided to take pictures of both sides of my face to see just how demonstrably different they may be. and no, i have no qualms admitting the weird stuff i do when i'm by myself. y'all do weird stuff too, you just don't admit it on a semi-public forum. here's to being human! xo

slideshow freak

because i have been remiss in keeping everyone updated on the oh-so-interesting life of lu. here are pictures from friday through sunday...

friday: two of my kittie roommates spoonin' on the couch. kind of adorable and one of the few things i saw that day. orange kittums is ringo, black kittums is oj. sweet...and yes, i'm still a little allergic to cats. i love them ala distance.

saturday: sickypants magee.
sunday: you know it's easter when...there's a jelly bean fatality (or massacre).

adieu for now, kiddos:

Sunday, April 4, 2010

sunday evening post

good evening, friends. 'tis sunday night and i'm finally starting to feel human again. whew. so glad to have scooted ma toe over the line into the land of the living.
i had a very nice day today with my family. great lunch by mama (ham, homemade mac 'n cheese, and turnip greens), a tiny bit of cleaning at the chateau followed promptly by a two-hour nap that was out of my control.
so here it is, 10:00 at night and a few days behind on everything. i hope your weekend was super fun and eventful. i'm hoping for clear skies, so to speak, for my upcoming week. i could totally use it!
and yes, i have pictures. three days worth. i will post them tomorrow. sorry for the lapse. i've been a tad pathetico the past few days. keep sending the positive energy, kiddos! they are appreciated.
adieu for now,

Friday, April 2, 2010


hey kiddos. 'tis friday and i have been in bed with the plague again (going on 3 days). the same damn thing i had in february. it's not as bad this go around but dear heavens i hurt all over and feel like total crap. i'm not going to whine about it on here, just send me some healing energies or what-have-you. homegirl needs some help.
i hope your friday has been far better, friends!
adieu for now,

Thursday, April 1, 2010

don't squeeze the sherpa

good morning, friends. 'tis thursday and it's the first day of april. march is kind of a lost month in my opinion, kind of like september is. there isn't much going on there and the weather is a little conflicted; but there's no denying when you round that corner in to april that it's spring. we have about five weeks of pleasant weather to enjoy before it starts getting H-O-T. i do plan on enjoying it as much as i possibly can...hopefully the attack of the killer nasty pollen is on its way out. maybe? please?
i got to feeling really bad yesterday afternoon and ended up staying in bed from about 5:00 pm until this morning. today i'm not doing much better but i'm downing a gallon of water in attempts to at least rinse the fine coating of pollen out of my body, and hoping to get more rest. blech.
so this weekend is easter weekend, and it is going to be a rather busy one. lots of people and social engagements, oh and food! i am really hoping to feel better because it's going to be really stinky if i stay in bed with the curtains drawn the whole time. future lu, don't be lame!
my mission today is to rally all of my positive energies (and maybe something for this headache) and force this horrible, achey, congested, nauseated, mean little sprite outta here. i am mentally cabbage-patching for this idea. the energy to actually cabbage-patch for this idea is still a little way's off but hey, conquering the mental battle is pretty epic. star for me.
remember about a week ago i posted that i was having a hard time getting ideas to manifest out of the fog in my mind? well, i'm starting to get a couple of them wrangled. i am working really hard at saving money. i have a lot of big bills coming up (the dentist being the beast of them all) and i haven't quite figured out how to pay for all of that yet. so...that big worry has been pulled out of the fog and put into a box labeled "recognized & needs further thought/action".
on the same note, i want to travel to several cities to see if i would like to live there. three cities keep registering on my radar: asheville, portland (oregan), and austin. poor austin, it's in third place because i do so detest hot weather and...well, texas for that matter. but the food is supposed to be phenomenal and two requirements for a place for me to live, are music and art. hence austin stays on the list. hmmm. one must have scratch to travel all over the united states exploring potential places to live. hence, it is tied back to my money concern. so...that idea has been pulled out of the fog as well and put into a box labeled "recognized & needs creative problem-solving". yes, i do label my mental containers.
selling a lot of my superfluous belongings (people love to give me STUFF) in a biggie yard sale (or two) is on my agenda for spring. that concept is a small one but feels like such a big giant animal to me. so it's been pulled out of the fog and put into a box labeled "not such a big deal, stop worrying about it & get the project going". i know myself far too well. sheeeesh.
well, i must admit that it feels good to have at least three little issues safely contained and awaiting further problem-solving. it clears, ever so slightly, the ominous fog in my mind. now that i'm feeling a tad less overwhelmed, then perhaps i can actually get to gettin' on solving those issues; which i know will end up sparking more creative thinking which will, in turn, continue to clear the fog and making the necessary changes i do so crave.
wow. you may need a sherpa to follow me today. happy april, kiddos!
adieu for now,