Wednesday, May 18, 2011

finally another update!

for some bizarre reason, my blogspot will not publish my posts from my laptop right now, so i have sneaked on to the mister's mac (because they NEVER FAIL) and am doing a quick update. here's what's up this week!
1. the mister is on his way to mississippi for a day trip to get some things out of the storage unit and pay off his car loan (thankfully the mr. miati sold the other day).
2. i spent the past three hours walking around tallahassee nurseries and walking home (it's not that far, but it was a really good walk...i needed it). the weather is so beautiful and i wandered around examining triton maple, juncus (little twisty spiral grass of some sort), herbs herbs herbs (i procured sweet marjoram and provence lavender for my herb garden project), succulents (i am oddly fascinated by them), yarrow, begonias, geraniums, blueberry bushes, and bromeliads.
3. little buddy has been having a heck of a time with being an itchy boy. poor little critter. florida from april-september just does not agree with him. he's getting a bath today and lots of TLC from mama.
4. i've been in a major movie-watching mood. we recently finished youth in revolt and one of my favourites, eagle vs. shark (a wonderfully quirky and beautifully filmed new zealand romantic comedy...if you can call it that). i've written about it before, but i had to watch it again (and again and again) this week. youth in revolt was great too. michael cera's turn as a french, chain-smoking anarchist of sorts was terribly entertaining. i could watch an entire film of just that minor character, francois dillinger.
5. right now i'm trying to contrive a mobile container garden for our road trip. this is going to be an interesting experiment indeed. a fantastic challenge for a novice gardener.

that is all for now, really. we have a lot more packing to do. i'm going to try to get a bit done while the mister is en route. but it's such a gorgeous day...i just want to take a nap in the cool green grass instead! there has to be some middle ground somewhere.
hope you enjoyed that gorgeous full moon last night, friends. it's peaceful blue tractor beam was illuminated the whole neighbourhood last night. lovely!
adieu for now,

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