Saturday, May 14, 2011


good morning, friends! it's a fantastically stormy day outside. my favourite kind of weather. thunder and constant rain. delight! i woke up so happy to hear the tapping of it on the rooftop. here's the newest list for the catch-up:
1. i went to see my chosen twin (aka super wonderful, amazing friend of mine) in a theatre production of Curtains. he was great! i laughed and as per usual got chills every time a perfect harmony was hit. what a fabulous experience!
2. one thing i love about me and the mister...we own a tremendous amount of books. and even though i asked him to get rid of some at the yard sale (which he did, and i got rid of my own as well), we still have 5-6 boxes ranging in size from little for paperbacks and huge for hardbacks of them being packed away. it's a really nice disease to have, especially on a rainy day like today.
3. it seems like it rained a lot more when i was a kid. does it seem that way to you? it's been a sadly dry year here.
4. 16 days until we no longer live at the nest. it makes me a little sad and sentimental. our nest is so cozy and happy. it's our escape from the world. i am going to miss our first house together. but, i'm really excited about our summer and how we will make that place our sanctuary too.
5. i have had an ungodly craving for vegetarian raviolis lately. why? i know not. but i cannot get enough! too bad for that craving too, because i'm cooking everything out of our pantry and refrigerator. nathan had to eat a 10-egg omelet the other day before the eggs went bad. heh.
6. the mister got so excited about packing up the house the other night that he packed up our bath mat. i find that so unbelievably funny.
7. enjoy your saturdays, friends. enjoy the rain, if you are getting it. it makes the plants and trees so happy!

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