Wednesday, May 11, 2011

here's what's up:from 5/11/11-5/13/11

i wrote an earlier post (four actually). the first didn't post for some reason, the second...well, mid-text it decided to disappear. as you can tell, neither me nor my computer are 100% with it today. but here's the update list for today:
1. we made it back safely from mississippi late in the day tuesday. we had a great time but my bed never felt quite as cozy as it did last night after 5 hours on the road.
2. the mister and i both woke up under the weather from the trip on wednesday. bummer!
3. chinese food is an awesome remedy for just about everything (see #2).
4. awesome post by Not That Kind of Girl, a delightfully intelligent blog, i have grown to love. read it, appreciate it, do something about it.
5. i not only finished #10/29 of my reading list but am now happily ensconced (a phrase i happily overuse) in #11/29. that's a 34% success rate thus far (at least in my book-reading project).
6. the official house-packing began wednesday night. we have been skulking around outside grocery stores for two weeks now grabbing any cardboard boxes we can find.
7. i have also, ahem, been shredding all unnecessary papers and using them as packing filler until we get the boxes back out of storage, then i'm using all the shreds to make my paper! i feel a little clever, and A LOT dorky for doing this.
8. the rug work is on hiatus for a week or so. there is still so much work to do on it, but my fabric scraps, admittedly have taken over the living room and have been driving me bonkers. i'm finding them everywhere! even in a glass of water one night. sheesh.
9. i want to try this. has anyone used clip-in bangs before? i told the mister about this idea and he looked at me like i was completely insane. but i want to try it. the jessica simpson ones in particular.
10. i swiped mr.'s computer this morning because for some bizarre reason, my laptop won't post blogspot entries. yeah, i know. strange.
stay tuned friends. i'm going to get to the bottom of this.

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