Thursday, May 26, 2011

this week

heavens! my computer still won't post anything, i can't even comment on people's blogs! it's so frustrating and i have no idea what the deal is. once again i've hijacked the mr.'s computer so i can't catch up a little. it's been so long since i've been able to write anything, i've forgotten everything i wanted to share. but this is basically what is going on this week:

the house is in utter disarray, but we only have two major pieces of furniture to move before it's just boxes and miscellany. the problem? a very small storage unit. hopefully it will all fit!

i had planned on writing much more about what's going on, but that's really it. it's just boxes and packing and packing boxes and packing tape and finding more things to pack.

i think that's the most the word "pack" has been used in a sentence ever.

more to come, i swear. i'll hijack the computer again when the mr. is sleeping or something.
adieu for now!

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