Tuesday, May 3, 2011

tres de mayo

1. i know i said i would post pictures of the book i made this weekend, but i didn't. weird, long, fun weekend. i will eventually.
2. 28 days until the exodus and i need boxes and bubblewrap.
3. i dreamed last night that i was analyzing an ancient indian text (fiction i think) that was orange and pink and covered in mirrors and spangles...and written in my mother's handwriting. the first line read Hahahahahaha, and i wrote in my analyzation that upon first reflection, it was an optimistic text. hmm.
4. poor buddy has fleas. poor husband is allergic to flea bites. here comes the summer, once again. sheesh.
5. i don't think the rag rug will be finished until i turn 30. that's okay though.
6. i now have in my possession books 9-15 of my 29 books. i think that will last me through the summer. i hope so!
7. i received the shampoo bar i ordered, and my scrubbies. both of which (oddly) smell amazing. i expected the shampoo bar to smell wonderful (rosemary), but the handmade face scrubbies? incredible and soft and smelling very nice!
8. i keep looking around the house imagining what i want to take with me on this move (mr. n and i are getting a rubbermaid bin each of stuff to bring with us this summer). it really makes you think about what you can and cannot live without. it also brings to mind a certain reflection after the storms in tuscaloosa, the tsunami in japan, and all of the flash tragedies of the spring thus far: what would you save (if you had to or could) in an emergency?
9. fish sticks are not healthy food. why have i been craving them at least twice a week for the past month? why??!! before that craving, i hadn't had fish sticks in close to 7 years!
10. tomorrow will mark that one year ago, mr. n came to tallahassee to meet me in person for the first time. i took him to a really delicious indian restaurant in town. i remember he stared at me a lot during dinner; and i was feeling a little self-conscious because he has these piercing blue eyes. little blue laser beams shooting across the table at me. he was bashful and ordered every thing i ordered, almost exactly. it was the best date i had ever been on and it only took me four weeks after that before i realized i couldn't live without him another day. aw!
adieu for now,

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