Friday, April 29, 2011

english things and check marks on a list

boy there is a lot going on today. royal wedding was lovely. made me want to have a gin drink ever so much.
well, if that wasn't enough english in your friday, i finally finished the keith richards autobiography. 547 pages, 3 weeks. such an enjoyable read! it even drew a tear at the end! who knew keith was such a funny fellow? not i! i want to hang out with him now.
as for the 29 things list, i'm counting that book as two. it was just such a honkin' long book, and i make the rules anyway. so numbers 7 and 8 out of 29 are complete! that's pretty good progress if you ask me!
i also knocked out making a handmade book from my 29 things list. i will post pictures this weekend. and if that weren't enough, i also completed my meditation for 30 days straight and am currently happily ensconced around day 35 of pleasant, peaceful daily meditation.
last but not least, i have also purchased my shampoo alternative (interesting stuff, i know!) and will be trying that out in a week or so. i'm going to knock this list out if it kills me.
cheers friends! have some fish and chips today!!


Susanne said...

pip pip and cheerio ! I loved the wedding , they were a bit nervous and who wouldn't be ? Love ya, mama

lulu said...

love you to mama!