Monday, March 28, 2011

monday updateymans

good day to you friends! 'tis monday. i'm sleepy. it's dark and overcast out today, my favourite weather (if it were only 20 degrees cooler, it'd be the perfect weather). i want to stay inside and create and nap and watch movies and eat comfort food. you know, snugged-in things.
well, we had a good weekend. we didn't do too much. i checked a few things off of the ole 29 things list. we watched easy rider and curb your enthusiasm. we drank tremendous amounts of coffee. i watched a lady get hit by a duck. yes, a duck. i almost got hit by one two days before that.
spring is a dangerous time of year. oh, but i digress. here is the updates on my 29 project.

1. i haven't made any clothing yet, but i've been researching patterns and am getting ready to start! i'm really excited about it.
2. the same goes for my pillow project.
3. i designed some furniture ideas several weeks ago, but have since gotten sidetracked by an idea for a dollhouse i kinda want to make.
4. i haven't learned how to make gyoza & sauce yet, but i've contemplating ordering them from the chinese place around the corner several times.
5. i haven't mastered any yoga moves yet, but i'm a step closer than i was before because i have since begun stretching regularly which has does wonders and has me motivated to work on that item on my list.
6. i have not made a handmade book yet, but i have the supplies now! i'm once again a step closer than i was before. it seems like i haven't done anything on my list but i have been making baby steps, i swear!
7. i have been researching little felt creatures and i'm super-excited to get into it again. i need to get a new felting needle and found a really cute one on etsy, that i think i may get for myself.
8. i began brainstorming song ideas i may want to try. as for the melody, i know not. i'm horrible with melodies.
9. i was thisclose to making something out of sculpey last night but for some reason i put it back at the store and decided against it. i'm not really sure why, i guess my motivation dissipated.
10. i have been researching clothing choices to invest in. it's really fun and slightly depressing.
11. i cannot fathom which trend i will try. nothing seems to inspire me.
12. i have begun condensing my belongings. it feels good. a big yard sale is around the corner for this very reason!
13. i haven't canned a darn thing.
14. i have begun composting! yessss!
15. i have been keeping a journal almost every single day. yesssss!
16. i have begun a vegetable garden, but have yet to begin an herb garden. that's so like me to do the harder things first.
17. i have been very inspired to make a rag rug this weekend. i think i may just begin it this afternoon! yay!
18. getting ready for the shampoo alternative. i think april may be the month!
19. i completed the 5th book out of 29 i'm trying to read this year. i am several pages in to #6. go me!
20. i haven't learned how to cook fish 3 ways yet, but i found a roasted tilapia recipe i am really looking forward to trying.
21. of course i haven't painted a still-life yet.
22. i have found the wiglet i want and am saving up to buy it. that is such a weird sentence.
23. i have been meditating every day for 19 days, then i skipped a day and made myself start over at #1 on saturday. darn it. still successful though!
24. i haven't started learning french or relearning spanish but i have been reading some french and spanish periodicals trying to acclimate (and reacclimate) myself to the languages.
25. i have yet to refinish the dresser and mirror, but oddly enough my mom mentioned it last night at family dinner, so i may just try to persuade her to spend an afternoon helping me do so before we move.
26. i haven't learned to play any instruments yet, but have been desperately missing the drums, so papa may just loan me his old drum machine from the 80's (that i LOVE), so i can play with it all summer long.
27. i have been writing every day and am having a tremendously good time with it.
28. i have not sheared (shorn?) a sheep, but i did spend almost two hours with shears...shearing seven. like a pound and a half of fur, i'm not kidding. it sounds silly and after talking with my friend miss taylor about how sheep often get a little bit cut and bloody after such an even (and i almost passed out); i am really considering seven's lightening a successful sheep shearing equivalent.
29. i was supposed to make cheese with miss taylor this weekend but i totally flaked. that one is completely on me. oh well, i am going to do it for sure!

and that is all for now, friends.

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Susanne said...

Don't be so demanding on yourself honey , sometimes its good just to be , the art of nothing ! Love you , mama