Monday, March 7, 2011

a window seat, a cat, and 15,000 books

one day i will have a bookstore. or perhaps a floor-to-ceiling library with a rolling ladder. i love books. old books. long lost tales. the smell of old paper and ink. i particularly collect antique books with handwriting in them. i like feeling a connection to the people or person who owned and loved it before me. the mister and i are in the midst of reducing our belongings. this, unfortunately, means that even my vast collection of antique books are fair game. today i added four new books to Orleans Apothecary. only one does not include handwriting (though it has some fabulous cooking stains...i just love that!). it also happens to be the youngest book in my collection, a mere sprig of a book at 50 years old. so, if you have a moment, check out some of the beautes happily haunting the shelves of Orleans Apothecary.
adieu for now, friends!

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