Tuesday, March 22, 2011

rabbits, hypotheses, and lunar influences

what a bizarro whirlwind! i haven't been quite right in the head since the giant full moon on saturday. a little scattered, smothered and covered. the house is surprisingly neat considering i haven't felt much of an inclination to keep it that way. i've been active while somehow being completely inactive at the same time. i no get it.
oh well, it is a gorgeous day. i am making another to-do list (yes, i have a list every single day...even for basic things like making sure i remember to take a shower. you'd think i have short-term amnesia or something).
i have the slightest tingle of motivation for making more paper and i have have have to update the shop. i've not paid it much mind in about a week. it makes me feel gross that i've neglected it (and the blogs...sheeesh).
ugh. that ridiculous panic you would get when your teacher mentions the science fair is week away and you know you haven't even written a hypothesis yet. that's how it feels. heh. regression is fun, isn't it?
i reckon i will take all of my contradicting feelings and inklings and get some work done.
adieu for now, friends. hope you could follow that rabbit trail.

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