Tuesday, March 15, 2011

things today

1. it is absolutely gorgeous in north florida today. i am full of inspiration for our epic exodus in 78 days, but am making sure i appreciate every little thing about this area before we leave. can't take anything for granted, you know. one of the places i want to go most today? the green on miccosoukee road. the drive alone is an exercise in stress-relief.
2. i'm in a middle ground between terribly excited and motivated to work on the shop and make more paper, and wanting to go to the bookstore and wander around like a zombie drinking coffee.
3. i want these.
4. i want to live in here. (happy one year anniversary, lonny!)
5. my choice for summer fitness. me wants baaaad!
6. paired with those headphones with the bug antennae.
7. now i want to watch my girl 2 because it took place in california in the summer of 1974.

cheers, lovelies!

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