Friday, March 25, 2011

the positivity bar

good afternoon, kiddos! 'tis friday and i have been a rather productive and busy little bee. well, in regard to everything but cleaning the nest. good grief, this place is a wreck. i kinda like that though. proof that there is indeed a happy life within these walls.
right now i am taking a brief break from my productivity to send a friendly "happy friday!" message out to y'all. the pup is tuckered out and fast asleep on the couch. his ears are spread out like...i don't know. something adorable and soft and fuzzy that flaps out on either side of a little sweet noggin.
i hope y'all are all enjoying this beautiful (breezy & cool) friday and that you have as much positivity in your realm as you can handle. you do set the bar, for how much good stuff you can handle, remember that.
adieu for now friends!

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