Thursday, March 31, 2011

lulu the lunar loon

good grief this week has gone by quickly. so has this month. just one quick spring breeze. well, we have been inundated with clouds this week in northwest florida. it's lovely. the green pre-storm skies are oddly soothing. perhaps i was a storm chaser in another life.
this week i have been working on my rag rug project. it has been so fun and tiring and is coming along wonderfully. i will have some pictures to post this weekend. i'm about 1/3 of the way through (after twelve hours of work). silly me, i decided my first rug project would be a 3x5. sheesh.
on all other fronts, things seem calm. i haven't been able to sleep terribly well, i think it's because of the cloud coverage and the lunar phases. i'm terribly susceptible to lunar phases and the new moon isn't until this weekend.
i sound like a loon. appropriate, no? ah well, stay tuned for something a tad more interesting (and photographic).
adieu for now,

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