Sunday, March 6, 2011

sloths and kitchen accoutrements

good afternoon friends! let me tell you a little story about being lazy. well, i guess i just did. i have been ungodly lazy the past day and a half. i have not journaled, read, exercised, meditated (blogged). i did shower and go to the bookstore, that's about as exciting as my activities have gotten. sheesh. so imagine my delight at waking up with the motivation to photograph, upload, and post to the shop. thank goodness, because it was looking blah to me and new stuff is always exciting. aaaand it makes me feel better for being a complete slouch all weekend. it's the little things, right?
that item up there? oh that's just one of my favourite vintage finds added to the orleans apothecary shelves. it's a retro, shabby-chic kitchen necessity dispenser. sounds like a lofty title, but it's a handy little bugger and i'm tickled to share it wif y'all.
here's to lazy weekends, folks.
adieu for now,

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