Tuesday, March 1, 2011

there she goes again

good morning march! i love the beginnings of months. it's like a little new years all over again. last month i gave up one of my favourite indulgences, beer. i do this once in a while to make sure i haven't let myself get too carried away with something (i have a tendency to dive headlong into things, even beverages). a few years ago i took a month off of refined sugar. that was actually much harder than the beer thing. sugar is EVERYWHERE. i often have meatless months. that's not difficult at all really if you look at it with an optimist's lens. "i get to eat all seasonal fruits & veggies this month woo hoo!" instead of "i can't have a dog et al turkey corn dog with mustard and ketchup and their homemade chips. awww!". it's all in how you view it.
anyway, all of this is to say: here are my 29 things in my 29th year updates!

1. i haven't made a piece of furniture yet, but i've gone through several designs. i'm going to pick one and attempt to build it in a month or so. money is a little bit too tight to head to the hardware store for essentials.
2. i began the pages for the book i am going to make, but i haven't been happy enough with them so i am making more attempts this week!
3. i have done no work in making an article of clothing other than researching patterns that i think i could handle.
4. i have been researching the quality investment piece i am going to procure this year. it's between a black shift dress or a cotton all-rounder kinda dress that i can layer with in spring and fall.
5. i haven't learned how to cook fish three ways
6. or... make gyoza yet but i'm inspired. just waiting for my bank account to catch up to my brainstorming.
7. i have not decided which trend i will try this year, but i'm leaning toward a fringed hippie shawl or a romper. i know they were more trendy last year but i still want to try.
8. i have been keeping a journal every day. it still isn't anything interesting, but i have been documenting my dreams more which is always a wild ride.
9. i have been writing creatively every day (and if i have missed a day, i have made it up with more writing). yay me!
10. i did research on making my own cheese. i'm excited about it!
11. i am on my 4th of 29 books. not bad for three weeks!
12. i haven't worked on felting...
13. ...or sculpting but i'm inspired to and will get my new needle and sclupey as soon as i get a few extra clams (seeing a theme, yet?).
14. i have researched the wiglet i want to buy. i am waiting for money and my wig-buyin' sister to join me in the exploit.
15. i haven't committed to a solid month of meditating but i have only missed about four or five days since i began my 29 things list, so i have already developed a darn good habit. just gotta keep it up.
16. i haven't written my song or melody...
17. ...nor have i begun learning a new instrument. i have, however, been inspired to do both. lots of knee-slap percussion going on at the nest these days. hoping to procure a hand drum before too long.
18. i have been trying to consolidate my belongings. today alone i have posted four new things to craigslist that i'm hoping to sell.
19. i have yet to can any vegetables or grow an herb garden but...
20. i have successfully germinated wheatgrass and bell pepper seeds. i'm terribly excited about the experience. i want to grow more things!
21. i have not begun composting. no excuse other than laziness.
22. same for making a rag rug.
23. and the shampoo alternative project.
24. and painting a still life. in fact, i forgot about that one completely. woopsie!
25. i have been thinking more about relearning spanish and learning french. i spent a few minutes yesterday reading in spanish to a kid i was helping my mom babysit. it was fun and has me all excited to attempt this rather monumental undertaking.
26. sheep shearing...well, that's this month. i need to get in touch with my lady friend who can help me get that accomplished.
27. i haven't gone anywhere near refinishing my dresser and mirror. i'm totally intimidated by that project, but it does need to get done.
28. i haven't made a throw pillow. kinda wishing i hadn't put that on the list, but our pillows are pathetic and i know i will love it when i have it.
29. i have been exercising regularly which feels good. lots of laps around the pond and playing frisbee with the husband. alas, no yoga yet. i will get there. oh yes, i will get there and master those moves!

more to come!
adieu for now,

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