Wednesday, April 27, 2011

babble on + keef + a pillow pup

it has been a long day. a fun, somehow productive, but long day.
i had a terribly fun morning/afternoon feng shui-ing at miss c's house. her apartment is in an old bungalow in a lovely older neighbourhood in town. i ate a delicious lunch consisting of the absolutely best deviled eggs i've ever had (curried!), and gingerbread muffins (for the love of! sooooo delicious!) amongst many other amazing things and a bowl of strawberries. we had a mini-dance party and channeled some chi.
well, bad storms are knocking my friends and family around up in tennessee and near birmingham, alabama. positive energies their way, please. i know it seems out of the blue, but dangerous storms that concern our family and friends kinda spring up that way sometimes.
anyway, mad men season 4 has just begun in the old dvd player, seven is atop a pillow looking like little lord falteroy. mr. n is pacing around the house, chatting with our dear friend, conductor ben. i am examining the rag rug and wondering how on earth i can work on it an entire hour and still not be able to notice a difference.
i also marvel at how an entire evening could sweep by so quickly and yet take such a long time. well, time to retire and read more of the keef bio. it's an odd and interesting world that man dwells in.
more tomorrow!
adieu for now,

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jess said...

i know this is late. but i just got back on the internet since the tornados. luckily they passed over my friends and family. but our town received a great deal of damage. it's crazy to walk just a block over from where i work and that entire block is gone. just rubble in it's wake. anyway, thanks for the prayers. i hope your dad and everyone's ok.