Monday, April 11, 2011

boxes and bins and bright little round price stickers

we are still in moving sale prep. i would say waist-deep but we are in deeper than that. it has been a tremendously daunting super-fun task. progress is so inspirational! but because of my freakish focus, my bloggykins has fallen to the wayside a bit. so has my rug-making. not completely. i work on it 30 minutes a day, but for heaven's sake the giant knot-yacht still isn't finished. it's a half-assed complaint. i love every second of it.
well, because i haven't uploaded or posted any images of all the things i've been doing, rest assured i am a bee. that's right a busy bee; but as i have been rifling through 29 years of accumulation, wiping away tears when i see something wonderfully "grandma" or "mama" or "bestie" or just "lulu"; or reading about some of the things i went through as a kid in my journals and realizing i was some kind of resilient (and perhaps some of that bitterness i carried around had been rightfully earned after all- though i'm stoked most of it has dissipated). plus, i keep finding all kinds of neato stuff i had forgotten about, like a cameo ring, and a righteous turqouise ring, bangle bracelets, parchment resume paper (score!), a jumbo bag of rubber bands...
okay yes, i do realize i sound like a hoarder, but office supplies are something i feel it's sort of okay to have a lot of. you never know when you will need a new resume or a rubber band. seriously!
anyway, the point is, i've been having a fun time going through it all and rather mercilessly sifting through it, it's also been a bit of a harrowing, emotional venture. tears and smiles, memories and more tears. sigh. it's all for the greater good though, and in 112 hours (and counting), the end result will be in sight. i'm really really looking forward to that.
adieu for now, friends. more to come, i swear. i know i keep saying that, but i mostly mean pictures and stuff. heh.

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Jennifer said...

Transitions are the best times to make changes-its such an awesome time to renew yourself! I feel the same right now as well. Just don't get overwhelmed. AND Check out my Roma blog! I am turning it into a travel blog and updated it with NYC stuff. :) xoxo