Friday, April 1, 2011


happy friday kiddos aand happy april first as well! it's a wonderfully chilly first day o' the month here and mr. n and i woke up in ridiculously silly moods. part of that is due to the fact that mr. n fell asleep singing the friday song (much to my chagrin) so of course we woke up singing it this morning and began laughing hysterically at our parodies of it the entire commute to the shop. i have to admit though, i am relieved that i woke up singing something other than "what is wrong with the world today" which i had stuck in my head every morning for about two weeks. good grief. now it's back.
i digress.
i'm currently on day 4 of the rag rug project and now have some pictures to share with you!

day 1, there are probably 50 pieces on it and it took me forever to get that far!

day 2: i'm quite happy with the progress, though i could seriously use a pedicure.

day 3: we stayed up pretty late after a wonderful family dinner and watched always sunny in philadelphia while mr. n tested my new art paper and i added about 25 new pieces. i'm rather tickled with how it's looking but i needs some deeper colours to fill it in. if you begin hearing of dark t-shirts mysteriously disappearing from people's closets in northwest florida...well... it was me.
more to come, friends! happy almost weekend!!
adieu for now,


Susanne said...

Lu , I love it ! I have always wanted to try that ! Very neat . I love you guys very much , talk to you soon .xxoo , Mama

lulu said...

thanks! love you too mama!