Monday, April 18, 2011

monday butter bath

good evening friends. 'tis monday night. the boys are bickering on the carpet. i ate pizza in the bathtub. which, although it sounds oh-so appetizing, is pretty much the nastiest thing i may have done in a long time.
alas, this weekend was a strange one. despite being completely incapacitated saturday and spending a fun but mostly strange afternoon at a pool party on sunday; i somehow managed to wake up this morning with a pleasant and peaceful smile on my face.
i woke up inspired to achieve a bit more balance in my life. the bathtub pizza incident aside, i surely am inspired and motivated to eat more thoughtfully (really!), continue my meditations, and all-around fulfill the little goal sprouts i woke up with this morning. stay tuned for more on that, and i will try really hard not to leave you with any gnarly imaginings of underwater junk food consumption. ew.
(don't forget the full moon tonight!)

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