Friday, April 15, 2011

links of love

a list to preoccupy you until this preoccupied blogger is finished with the yard sale.

1. my favourite smurf figurine when i was a kid was the one holding a beer stein. why that was a kid's toy i don't know. but i loved it and played with all 30 i had in the tub.
2. i often dream about what i would wear to awards shows if i were a famous filmmaker or musician. this dress (actually shirt & maxi skirt) is up there.
3. i have been in a stevie nicks mood lately, which happens once every six or seven years. but the wind is right, you know? i love this song (ignore the kinda cheesy opening from practical magic, a favourite movie of mine- but i can't stand when there is random talking before or during a song).
4. i'm also in the mood for hoots and hellmouth. makes me want to break out my bright yellow hula hoop (a treat for the yard salers tomorrow) and dance barefoot (though there is nothing unusual about either of those things with me, really).
5. my pop has a cool online radio station, east nashville radio (i'm on a music kick, can you tell? it's the only way to clear my mind while i'm clearing out my house). have a listen, if you dig my regular contributions of sound, than you'll dig it.

cheers beloveds!

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