Tuesday, April 5, 2011

the parenthetical haps

heavens i've been a busy lady. lots of productivity in the ole nest. we are still preparing for our moving sale which is far more all-encompassing than i predicted (and i predicted an insane amount of work). the rug is going great (more photos to come), the pantry is stocked with enough cheap groceries to get us through the week (i got a little tired of going to the grocery store every day even with my very bizarre love of grocery shopping). i'm moving on to the 7th of 29 books for my 29th year. the house looks great, the art paper is faring tremendously well (though not selling as much as i would prefer). the pup has been behaving (except for the corn cob he ate while i wasn't looking last night), so has my hair (which is just so magnificent i cannot express), we had a blasting thunderboomer move in through town last night (the downed trees the only evidence i could tell of it this morning) which caused me to sleep unbelievably well (i'm a storm lover). now i'm getting ready to pull out my olivetti and type away on my creative-writing project. more to come kiddos (with pictures!).
adieu for now,

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