Saturday, September 11, 2010

around the palace

good morning lovelies. 'tis saturday. my very first saturday of no work or obligations or travel or this or that in eight weeks. it's a beautiful thing, this weekend thing. i could really get used to it. i was a little bummed i slept late (7:45) because i wanted to take a sunrise walk around the nearby pond with little buddy. but it's okay. i'm pretty sure sunrise will happen again tomorrow.
i'm sitting at the nest, sunlight is pouring in through the windows. i have a freshly brewed cup of earl grey and a decadent list of to-do's to accomplish.
i have diamond-studded laundry to do, emerald-encrusted dishes to wash, the royal pup has been scrubbed within an inch of his sweet little life, and well, there are just a lot of things to do around the ole palace.
more to come friends. i surely hope today is beautiful, calm and productive (if you want it to be) for you.
adieu for now,

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