Saturday, September 25, 2010

whisper of autumn

good morning friends! 'tis saturday and despite being unemployed, this has been one hectic week. all of my part-time trying-to-make-money gigs fell through. oh well, i'm still trying and applying. i'm looking forward to relaxing tonight because something has come up or occurred nearly every night this week preventing relaxey time.
tonight i want to watch dexter on dvd, eat something delicious for dinner, enjoy my home and my boys.
i was fortunate enough to witness the harvest moon, the equinox, and the uber-brightness of jupiter this week. what a pretty sight! the mornings and evenings are beginning to be cooler. the air is a little drier.
my senses are waking up after several months of trying to survive the heat. my skin is tingling, my hair (which is in desperate need for a haircut) somehow looks better than it did. food is tastier, scents are more fragrant. it's my favourite time of year!
here's to you friends. i hope you have a great saturday! i'm sending positive energies your way, please send some my way!
adieu for now,

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