Thursday, September 30, 2010

the haps

oh dear, i have been remiss. what a weirdo week this has been. a little help-out-where-i-can work but mostly my schedule going up and down up and down and me passing out before ten p.m.

i've been crafting a lot which has been f-u-n to say the least. little felted brooches (i may have mentioned this already but there is a zombie skull, an alien, a banshee, and a pierced heart), i've made two necklaces (one of which i will be taking apart and redoing because...well, because i'm a perfectionist).

the etsy shop has 33 items and we have a couple of new great ones to add (probably going up tomorrow!). no sales yet but that's okay. we're optimists and i'm really hoping to mold the shop into a more cohesive appearance photo-wise within the next month or so.
this week has also been a week of financial blessing. from mamas to grandpas to finding money on the side of the street. this week we have had our heads above water and that has been a truly wonderful thing. we are very grateful for that, indeed.

little dood has been keeping me on my toes for sure. he looks like the wild man of borneo this morning, or einstein. he has been pulling some hijinks that have me scratching my head. all i can say is i think i'm going to have to set up a camera to see what's going on when i leave the house. perhaps i don't want to know actually.

so that's what's new at the moment. more to come!

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