Wednesday, September 8, 2010

i'm baaaaaack.

okeedokee. it's been like six days since i wrote. the shop closed on the third. mississippi and i went to...well, mississippi on the fourth to pick up his car and get a visit in. we got in at midnight on the fifth. the sixth i was still under the weather (had been since friday) and finally had to accept that yes, my laptop is officially on the fritz. yesterday i ran computerless errands and today i have hijacked mississippi's mac. heh.
that's the catch-up. things are really good on my end. aside from being sick for five days, i'm in great spirits. the stress of the shop is behind me for the most part and it is really exciting to be facing a new chapter head on. it's frightening but so thrilling at the same time. someone may be more of an adrenaline junkie than previously thought.
i've got several things lined up that are keeping me from freaking out completely that i'm unemployed. multiple yard sales (one this saturday), some consulting work, and our new etsy shop, nido di gazza.
as for the photo-a-day thing... well, i'm almost two weeks behind. the photos do exist, they are just on my dead computer, hopefully not lost forever. so, it make take a little while, but the project will be completed...i hope!
well, that's it for now. the creative (and organizing) spirit is strong with me today so i must be going before the inspiration wears off.
adieu for now, darlings! i hope your wednesday are easy and positive!

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