Thursday, September 16, 2010

autumn must-haves

because i'm hopelessly addicted to the season and willing it into magnificent fruition with every breath.

1. pumpkin spice anything. barring yankee candles (ew!), pumpkin spice is the most fabulous autumn scent! when we used to have a dunkin donuts in town, they would come out with pumpkin spice old-fashioned donuts every october. oh my heavens. i can still taste them and it's been three years since i've had one.
2. in that vein, pumpkins. there is something so magical about them. i told mississippi when we first met that i always dreamed of going to a big pumpkin patch/hay bale maze kind of place with my love in the fall and buying pumpkins together. since i was a little girl it was the epitome, in my mind, of a grown-up relationship. someone to buy pumpkins with. in our romantic geekiness, we are in the midst of planning such an outing. score!
3. berry-coloured anything. lip stick, nail polish, peacoats, scarves, sweaters. you name it, i want it in aubergine, blackberry, boysenberry, and raspberry hues. aaaand now i want a smoothie too.
4. corduroy. i'm talking hats and jackets, mini-skirts; and the britches. that slightly embarrassing (yet somehow still wonderful) zzzzzt zzzzzt zzzzzt sound they make when your... ahem... thighs rub together when you walk. if you run you could start a small fire, but it's still alright. plus, it also makes it totally justifiable to have that second pumpkin spice donut because your thighs will make that sound anyway. viva la corduroy!
5. thermal shirts. i have the strangest soft spot for printed thermal shirts. i think it's from being a child of the 80's. i had one with stripes on them and hearts. as an adult i have leopard print ones and polka dotted ones. you can't ever have enough of them, man!

well, that's all for now. i must get back to uploading items to the new etsy shop!
adieu for now,

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Adrienne said...

I'm so there with you! I have been on a jewel tone kick since fall officially began here last week. It makes me miss you more becuase we could be galavanting. Today has been cool, breezy and the skies have that gloomy gray glow to them. Your kind of weather. I got a pumpkin coffee from DD and was thisclose to getting a pumpkin donut compliment, but resisted the urge since my cords no longer fit and I need to get back into them. I wish I could send you a box of donuts. Hey! Maybe you could order them online?!