Thursday, September 2, 2010


hello friends. 'tis thursday evening. i'm swiveling around in my new (read: old) drafting chair (that i got from the shop as it is drawing ever nearer to its close). right now mississippi and i are creating our etsy shop name and listening to hocus pocus playing in the background.
i know. this fall obsession is in actuality, a sickness. i get it. but we are both afflicted with it. we anxiously await cooler temperatures. it's nice to have company in my affliction i must say.
well, tomorrow is the big day. we close the doors forever at five o'clock p.m. EST. weird. i'm sad to see it go, but i'm also excited about what lies ahead.
i hope that great things are in my future and that one day i love a job as much as i used to love this one. i also hope that i find another job. heh. um yeah. really hoping for that one actually.
well friends. mississippi is uploading the two photos i'm missing for my photo-a-day project, so more than likely tomorrow morning i will have thursday-thursday photos for my project.
adieu for now, darlings!

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