Tuesday, September 14, 2010

ten things to share with you

1. i think i have to forgo my photo-a-day project "officially" because my laptop is still dead. i'm missing tons of photos and have lost track somewhat. if that changes at all, i will start it up again. i'm bummed because i was over halfway done with it. but $#!+ happens, right? gotta go with the flow!
2. the nest is cleaner than it ever has been. i'm like a cleaning/organizing tornado!
3. i just uploaded our first item on our etsy shop, nido di gazza (magpie's nest). woohoo!
4. we bought a sewing machine. it is a half prudent, half...imprudent (?) choice. now i can make things to sell but biting the bullet and spending $80 was hard. i have always wanted one and i have the "sewing for dummies" version. i'm totally okay with that.
5. the yard sale is a go for saturday and i am really excited about it. it's going to be B-I-G.
6. i've been making jewelry agaaaaain! stay tuned on that one.
7. seven has been getting bathed with head & shoulders and his hair has never had so much volume and bounce. it's one of those things like little boys always have thick, pretty eyelashes. the kind that grown women pay lots of money to pretend that they have naturally. *sigh* my boy has great hair. i would kill for that kind of volume and manageability.
8. 24.5 days. again, stay tuned.
9. gutting and refurbishing an ice cream truck into an apartment and/or buying a pre-fab barn from a big box hardware store sounds like a really fun adventure for when we leave ole tallavegas. just sayin...
10. i'm praying for the temperature to decrease by a degree every day so that in two weeks it will actually feel somewhat like fall! wouldn't that be rad?! i think so too.

adieu for now friends. my love to you.

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