Friday, September 10, 2010

a little bitta info for yous guys

argh! i'm so behiiiiiiiiiiiind! it's so frustrating. but at least i can say that i am behind on my posts because i have been a busy bee. i worked at the shop for a few hours today helping the accountant close everything down. in the meantime i have been getting organized, planning my projects for the etsy shop, planning the yard sale for next weekend, cleaning, and unbelievable amounts of laundry. it has been a very gratifying week. i anticipate next week being just the same.
my computer is still dead. mississippi is going to try to do something to fix it this weekend. if that doesn't work, off to the geek squad it goes. yuck. i feel like i'm missing a limb without my (somewhat) trusty old dell.
it's unfortunate ailment has, however, allowed me to become thoroughly spoiled by mississippi's mac. hopefully my spoiling will be short-lived because i miss my old slow heavy as lead pc. heh.
well, tonight mississippi and i plan a fabulously quiet evening at home. hopefully i will be uploading some things to etsy tonight. i'm so very anxious to get it up and running. after being at the shop for a little while today, all of my exuberance about my current situation was quickly diminished. it was just as rapidly replaced with the stress, anxiety, and frustration of what had been my career there the past few months. i'm trying to keep it from getting to me too much by planning my projects. if i plan my projects then the frightening void of the unlit tunnel that lay before me becomes ever-so-slightly lit with by the candles of my imagination.
ha! wax poetic much?
well, that's all for now. i'm going to get some cleaning done before mississippi gets home.
adieu from the nest!

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