Thursday, September 30, 2010

coat herder

well, after the tragic hairspray incident early last spring (an entire can of dove hairspray was accidentally let loose on the sleeve of a synthetic-fiber jacket while out celebrating with friends, which ate away at the fabric and left a giant hole in the sleeve that proceeded to molt like a diseased parrot) i've been yearning for a new winter coat. so here is what i drooled over on bluefly this morning while i was supposed to be vacuuming.
miss sixty double-breasted peacoat (with an unbelievable amount of buttons, right? is it just me?) $144MICHAEL michael kors wool peacoat in the most fabulous military-y green/brown. $177miss sixty wool double-breasted collar trench. the picture is in brown but i want it in black (of course). $165elie tahari "jackie" wool coat. it's no surprise that the one that ends up being my favourite is the most expensive. $297miss sixty faux leather motorcycle jacket. love! $78

adieu for now! happy shopping!


Anachnoristic Outlook said...

These are all very lovely - have you been to Urban Thread yet? (It's above Sikura on Monroe) They have many things and their prices are Great!!

lulu said...

not to that one yet, but there is another over by where the shop used to be. i'll have to check out the new one. morning date one day soon perhaps?