Tuesday, September 21, 2010


seriously, does anyone else ever feel like they aren't talented? i feel very untalented today.
i'm not sure if it's because we haven't had any sales on the etsy shop or because i haven't found a job yet or what. but i'm feeling grody.
here's the deal. i'm pretty much one of the most obnoxious optimists on the planet. i work to be one, strive to be one. but, today i'm partly cloudy.
the little bit of sunshine that's in there is working very hard to peek through the cloud coverage. it's there. i'm grateful for that, but man is it diffused by the dark roiling clouds.
what's up with that? i know it will pass, but perhaps there is something bigger under the surface? do other creative people feel like this? yuck. i don't like it one bit.
it makes me feel about 12% compelled to want to prove myself while simultaneously 86% compelled to stay in my pajamas, being eeyore and eating half-baked ice cream. that other 2% is hilariously a wish to have some sort of time-travel device so i could go on vacation to paris in the 20's or something. that 2% time-travel thing is always there. you can pretty much just ignore that part, folks. heh. that tickled me.
at least i'm good at cheering myself up a bit, eh? optimist priiiiiiiiiiiime strikes again!
adieu for now, friends. i'm not insane, i promise.


Susanne said...

Keep on believing sweetie , God has plans to prosper you ,you'll see . Every artist has blocks you may want to read the Artists way , I have it at home if you want it. xxoo

lulu said...

thanks mom, i appreciate that a lot. love you.

Anachnoristic Outlook said...

I Beeeelieve in you (In buzzy bee voice) - I have been a little off kilter and kookie lately too... perhaps it's the season a'changin or the fact that the feeling of summer has begun to wear off - that coating of easy livin, sunscreen, lemonade and beach days has gotten a little thread bare - like towels gone through the wash ten too many times and have become see-through like slip lace. It's time to trade it in for warm autumn sweaters and fireside nights cuddled up in the quiet crackling. :) ( We are autumn/winters anyway) - - YOU, my friend, ARE TALENTED. Don't let yourself or anyone else tell you otherwise. Much love to you Lu, wishin your inside sky soon changes to hues of the truest most beautiful blue.

Anachnoristic Outlook said...

...and I love that you said Optimist Prime - You're perfect.