Wednesday, September 1, 2010


good morning and a hap-happity september! i am so excited to be inching ever closer to autumn. oh my goodness i want sweaters and pumpkins and corduroy and root vegetables and neko case and bon iver and warm wool socks.

oh heavens! it's only going to be 95 today so, clearly you can see why i'm all excited. it's ten degrees (ten blessed fabulous degrees) cooler than it has been for the past 10 weeks. it's enough to kickstart that bizarro seasonal obsession of mine once again (because it's only been 24 hours since i rambled on about fall).

i don't know what wire it is that short-circuits in my brain once the temperature drops. i swear it's like a drug. i dream about cool weather the moment spring ends and nearly every day until fall begins. i very anxiously anticipate the september issues of all my favourite magazines so i can pretend i have money and plan outfits and redecorate my house (in my head).

oh good grief. i'm a mess. heh. i reckon i should get ready for work. but before i do... some more fall fashion lust. vintage 1970's cap-sleeve sweater $19.99 (worn with some kind of fabulous cropped peacoat). vintage studded leather clogs size 8. $30 grandpa skirt in washed black. $48 opaque tights in espresso 2/$20 marigold marvel bag $27.99 cashmere hat $42

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