Wednesday, September 15, 2010

so many little things

1. the container garden hath begun. i spent $4 on nine broccoli plants and it's my first foray into growing my own food. i really hope i don't accidentally kill all the plants or somehow manage to poison us all. sheeeeesh!
2. i began needle-felting beads last night. i can't really explain how therapeutic needle-felting is. i got into some bizarro trance and apparently giggle to myself alot (so says mississippi). i made five beads last night and i'm planning several new pieces that will incorporate the ungodly amount of glass beads in my possession (as well as my new felted beads); aaaand my groovy new sewing machine that i will be practicing on (relearning) today.
3. there is so much coffee in my system right now that it feels like i swallowed a carnival. there's organ music and a popcorn machine; a strong man, a bearded lady, and jugglers. no clowns though. no clowns allowed anywhere near me and the whackadoodle caffeine carnival.
4. i have a kitchen accoutrement obsession. so does mississippi. i love high quality goods and used my beautiful porcelain/enamel casserole dish to make the best version of my chicken pot pie casserole last night. it was a thing of beauty and if i had the ability to show you a picture of it right now, i totally would. and i would brag even more than i already have...because i'm a loon.
5. although there is no money coming in (from me) right now and the man and i are trying to live as simply as possible, i can't help but keep fantasizing about acquiring fall clothes. there is something seriously wrong with me with my borderline unhealthy fascination with all things corduroy, felt, wool, turtlenecky, and bootsy. *sigh* i want it all!!!
6. the creativity train has pulled up to the nest and mississippi and i have been spending wonderful quality time creating things. he has his collage focus in high gear in preparation for the december/january art show. i have been trying to channel the white noise in my mind into all the different projects i want to tackle. it's a really fun and exciting process.
7. i have about 80% of the ginormous yard sale organized. i know i mention it almost every post, but i'm really excited and hoping that it garners a lot of business.
8. anyone have a pattern for a bean bag chair? i know that sounds a little ridiculous, but i want to make one and it seems deceptively simple. how many pieces would it take to make the "bean"? what's the best thing to fill it with? hmmm. anyone have any insight, please share.
9. the two most luxurious things i can think of right now? getting my eyebrows and my nails done. just thinking about that sends me into one of those sephora comas that happen every so often with me.
10. i'm not really sure why i keep writing in list form these days. it seems to help me clear my mind. it's been so scattered that i haven't written as much; and writing this little blog and sending it into the nothingness of the interwebs is really good for me psychologically. expect some format changes, they're headin' this-a-way!

ha! i'm ridiculous and in a really silly mood right now. enjoy this gorgeous, nearly autumn day. adieu for now,

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