Friday, October 1, 2010

october yays!!

happy october wonderful people! i hope you said rabbit rabbit this morning to wish you good luck throughout the month. if not, say it right now! here's the list.

1. the weather has been unbelievably beautiful this week. cool and fallish. i'm so excited about it and i swear it does something for the soul. it's magnificent.
2. i am losing my marbles without my laptop and taking pictures every day. i want to show you guys all the groovy things i've been making so that you'll actually believe me. but alas... i must be patient.
3. why is it that ideas for the perfect themed gift come just a hair too late to make it seasonally appropriate? now i have to wait a whole other year to do it. and no, i'm not going to say what it is because more than likely most of you will receive it as a 2011.
4. is it bad that after all the talk i do about halloween and costumes and going out and having a blast on that super-fun day... that i kind of want to stay home and watch nostalgic halloween fare on t.v. (like are you afraid of the dark marathons and ghostbusters etc.) and eat reece's pieces and just chill out? what's up with my hermitude these days? well, other than being broke.
5. today is one of those textbook fridays. where there is nothing in the line of sight but the beginning of the weekend. it's days like these that you wake up ready to treat yourself to happy hour and fajitas at the nearest mexicanish restaurant in town and plan your weekend excursions.

oh happy friday and happy first of october! i hope you have a beautiful day, friends!!
adieu for now,

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