Thursday, October 7, 2010

R is for random

good morning friends! 'tis thursday and i'm getting ready for guests coming into town this weekend. lots of things happening. stress etc. but it's all good. i have only a minute or two to update before i start cleaning the house (again). here's the list!

1. i'm mad about pumpkins. i always have been but this year the psychosis hath reached a new peak. we have four at the house right now and every time we find two that we like we add them to the clan. stripes, plain orange, solid white... whatever shall we add next?
2. do you ever wake up with a bizarro craving? today i'm craving muffins. warm, homemade muffins. apple cinnamon, cranberry, blueberry. good grief i don't know where these things come from but i could eat my weight in muffins right now.
3. lately i've been a little down. i've been really trying to remain positive. i'm proud of how hard i work to be a good woman, good friend, good daughter, and a good lady to my man. i'm hard on myself if one of those roles isn't up to snuff. but i really try every day to find the balance between staying true to myself and providing what other people need from me. i have to acknowledge that i won't always be able to please people, but i owe it to myself and everyone around me to be happy.
4. we gave the little buddy a haircut this weekend. he looks neglected. poor raggamuffin. see?! muffins again! what is going on with me today?! needless to say the poor kid could audition for oliver and score the leading role.
5. as many of you know, i'm a budget freak. i'm really good at keeping one and have been doing so since i got my first job. but this week i figured out where the biggest leak in my budget is. the giant gaping sinkhole that i somehow managed to avoid noticing until a few days ago. eating out. i love food! i like being taken care of and big frosty mugs of beer with my handmade whatever it is i'm eating. and here's the catch: i'm a good cook. pretty darn decent actually. i can eat better at home for half the price, but it's the social thing. the treat thing. mississippi and i have been "treating" ourselves a lot this week. i think it's because we're both stressed and tired lately. but, i would like to start having big festive dinners at home. the clincher? none of my friends seem to keen on it. everyone is busy, and we eat early yadda yadda yadda. i think i may still try to do it though.

are you guys following the stream of consciousness alright? no? it's alright. i can't expect anyone to hitch up to this today. ha! i'm off to clean now. thanks for entertaining the loon.
adieu for now kiddos!