Sunday, October 31, 2010

boring married stuff and halloween

happy halloween friends! i'm finally getting over this terrible cold that has put mississippi and i both down all week long. it's one of my favourite holidays and you know what's on the list for all hallow's eve? cleaning the house. scary stuff right? it's a complete and total disaster in here. i emptied out my storage unit and closed it on friday (thanks to the help of one very generous friend). therefore collections from my life's journey are strewn about e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. wowsy wowsa.
mississippi and i did makeshift costumes to go to the grocery store and to say hello to our friend who happened to be across the street at a halloween party at the legion hall at lake ella. he went as a birdwatcher and i went as an alien trying to pass as human. then we went home, took cough medicine (i downed three mini almond joys as well) and we passed out playing a name game. what's this name game that boring married couples play as they fall asleep on one of the biggest party holidays of the year? it goes something like this:
L: jane lynch
M: david lynch
L: david schwimmer
M: michael schimmer
L: michael moore
M: roger moore
...and it goes on and on and on until one of us admits defeat or falls asleep. which ever happens first. except mississippi always includes a member of the winslow family from the show Family Matters. aaaand scene.
more to come. happiest halloween friends!
adieu for now,

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