Sunday, October 3, 2010


good morning friends. 'tis sunday and a marvelous 50 something degrees outside!!! good grief do i love fall! here's the list!

1. i'm craving orange cinnamon rolls. i mean like, get out of my way kind of craving. the body and mind are mysterious things, eh?
2. mississippi and i spent a wonderful afternoon in thomasville, georgia yesterday. we bought organic salsa and a new hat for him to wear to work. it's made out of brazilian truck tarps that have been recycled into badass hats. awesome stuff.
3. i made two new felt brooches last night. i have five now that i'm going to put on the shop. a zombie skull thing, a green alien with an antenna, a pierced heart, a pumpkin, and a big red skull with black eyes. kind of a dio de los muertos kind of thing happening there. they are all around an inch or two wide and the brooch part is attached by a vintage button from my button box and a tie pin on the back. cute stuff.
4. my house is a wreck. i don't know how we do it. this week i'm supposed to clean a friends house to help out and all i can think is "i'll be coming home to this mess of a nest?". stressypants. i guess i know what i'm doing this afternoon.
5. i haven't been writing much but i really need to. i'm sitting here sheepishly glancing at my typewriter which hasn't been utilized in over a week. the thing is, is that i don't know what to write other than stream of consciousness stuff. i do that best...ahem...clearly. hmmm, perhaps i will peruse the google search archives for something to spark the writing engine.

adieu for now friends! enjoy this beautiful day!

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