Wednesday, October 13, 2010


heavens i'm behind on things!! we had a crazy weekend full of festivities and family. you may be wondering what the hubbub was... well, mississippi and i got hitched. it was rad, my mom put on a beautiful celebration and we all had a wonderful time. thank you mama and b and everyone who helped put it on! i'm very fortunate to have found the man i want to spend the rest of my life with. especially because i always suspected i would end up alone with a bevy of dogs and a lot of back issues of magazines stacked up to the ceiling. well, i'm here to say i'm blessed and have found the best friend and husband a gal could ask for. the sappiness hath now concluded and i return you to our regularly scheduled list.

1. as soon as all the commotion was over, i immediately got a cold, threw my back out, and lost my cell phone. mississippi has also had the weirdest couple of days since the big day. weird.
2. our big pumpkin saturday is still planned and we are really looking forward to all the fun and foliage. yay road trip!
3. 'tis the season, so i'm brewing up a batch of my unbelievably delicious corn & sausage (and p'tater) cheddar chowder. i'm going to be experimenting with a decadent spin-off of my classic (of which the origins of the recipe comes from a southern standard cookbook called Thymes Remembered. i have altered it drastically through the years). the spin-off, i think will include shrimp and sausage or perhaps scallops or crab. can't decide. hmmm... stay tuned on that one. alls i can say right now is that my house smells like the most delicious cookin' right now.
4. mississippi wants to register for a motorcycle for our wedding present, and i want to register for a micro-pig. can you tell we have never and will never do anything in a traditional manner? it's awesome.
5. i've got a messy house, a stinky pup, and a disorganized pile of a schedule to attend to. off i go!!

adieu for now kiddies! more to come soon!


Adrienne said...

You better post pictures of the wedding day tater. I will be BUMMED out if I can't have pictures to photoshop myself into...

lulu said...

stay tuned bubbles!

Jennifer said...

Awwwww I need to be photoshopped into some too :(. I am so sad I missed it!! I bet it was the best day ever for you. :) I miss you tons and seriously-I hate a s* ton of stuff to tell you about. Good stuff! I am super happy for you!! Congrats Lu!