Friday, October 29, 2010

just a lil note

gooooooood morning, friends! 'tis friday and i am delaying the inevitable rush of my busy day. i'm cleaning out a storage unit, meeting with a friend, then meeting with the mama for wedding-y stuff. what i really want to do? rearrange the entire house and change the energy therein. it has a stifled vibe about it lately and i want to change that pronto. but what to do?
alas, i still have that gypsy blood boiling and i am missing my bestie in nyc terribly today. i just want to sit in a cafe outside with her and laugh and play the "yours" game and be silly ladyfriends with her. i know i saw her four months ago but it just isn't the same when you can't get a visit right when you need and/or want it. the same goes for my friend in birmingham. the three of us need a girly adventure soon. le sigh. i'm going to try to get some stuff done. more to come lovelies!

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