Friday, October 1, 2010

friday greydreaming

okay, so i'm still fantasy-shopping with my imaginary money. today all i want are grey, cozy, snugglegems. every item is super reasonable in price and so cool and unique.
if you have real money to spend, not monopoly money (like me), please check out these incredibly rad etsy shops. so many beautiful things!!

this top is incredibly rad. so slinky and ladylike. one must have a giant cocktail ring on and a martini in hand to wear this. and a feathered chapeau. you just have to! pearl grey, tiny-striped top, leg-of-mutton sleeve sweater. $60.

it may not fall exactly into my snugglegem cozy theme, per se. but i think it looks really comfy for a going-out dress. and it's backless! on my sexy-o-meter, backless dresses are IT! metallic forest blackless chiffon ruffle dress in chiffon. $90.

doesn't this look like the coziest thing ever? oh, it makes me want to have a warm cup of tea in my cold hands and listening to a really good tom waits song on a saturday drive with my man. hemp fleece field coat. $210.

okay, so what is better than looking super hot and being super cozy at the same time? i think this sweater is the jam. with a perfectly-fitting pair of slim jeans and my vintage cowboy boots?! look out world. i would probably end up wearing this nonstop. to work (if i had it, ahem, to go to), puttering around town, to sleep, even. this would be my new blankie, methinks. grey cashmere batwing sleeve sweater dress. $55.

i'm in desperate need for a new handbag. right now the laptop case from target is holding up, but when you see something like this... well, you start rolling up pennies and nickels to cash in so the dream can be a reality. i mean, come on! it's the perfect static-y green/grey. the adorable button?! it's a fall/winter must-have. amy wool green french shoulder bag. $59.

happy daydreaming friends!


IKABAGS said...

Happy friday you too Lu :)

Thanks so much adding my new wool bag !
Yes you are right really resonable price :)

I found this cupon fabric and limited edition , i will add more with another colors etc :)
And lining is luxorius water resistant canvas , , i am so luck I found this lining nice price and i am selling friendly price :)

Cheers from Paris

lulu said...

we appreciate it too! it's gorgeous! you will be seeing more of me at your store!

IsabelAmyo said...

Oh I'm so happy to see my top was featuring in your blog. Thank you so much I'm very overwhelmed and my day is sunny thanks to you.